Highland Weekend

June 12, 2017

When you're weekend was a good one, it's hard to see it go. Monday has me yearning for Friday again, y'all. Who else shares my sentiments? Any who, we started our weekend with an early wake-up call, showers for all, and packing for a mini weekend getaway to see a friend tie the knot. The goal was to leave at Greer's nap time, and let her snooze the two hours to Stanton. Forty minutes of napping was apparently all she desired. So much for planning, but that is parenthood at its finest!

Thankfully, we arrived at Stanton just in time, and our first stop was in the downtown historic district where husband and I celebrated our new marriage at our reception. All the feels pulling back into our venue and looking around (you can look at all of our wedding photos too because I just did. Can I marry husband all over again??). It will be four years this October, and I can't even believe it. Nothing about the area has changed and the nostalgia was as strong as ever. Making it extra special, was having our child with us. My how life changes and your family grows over the years! 

A little then and now. My goodness, I love him so much more! And instead of a bouquet, I've got our girl. Three years and eight months make for quite the difference if I do say. Now for our time in Highland....

After Stanton was another hour-ish car ride into Highland County, a new visit for both of us. The cell phone service completely disappeared as we rode through the winding mountains, and turns out we were both okay with being unreachable for about 20 hours. We enjoyed Pete's college roommate's wedding, then settled in for the night at a quaint B&B. While Greer went on to bed, we grabbed the monitor and explored the pasture and surrounding area around us. 

It was so nice to be out in the country where no cars were to be heard. The evening and night were still, the crickets chirping and the occasional sheep bray. Once it was dark, we sat for a bit, me reading Country Living, and husband patiently listening to me find inspiration for our home within the pages. He's a keeper :) 

Morning came and we met up with more of husband's college roommates for breakfast at the groom's parent's home before heading back home ourselves. It's nice to pick up where you left off, even if it's been years since you last saw someone. The food, the conversation, the morning air were all just what we needed.

Baby girl slept as we wound back through the mountains and onto the peach orchard. Because when you're close enough to a peach orchard + a strawberry patch, you don't miss the opportunity! I'll be sharing that little adventure with you tomorrow!

This girl of ours is not a lover of sheep, but she is a lover of dogs big and small. She loves calling out for them, running after them, and then retreating once they get to close. Seeing as I'm not really a pet person, I slightly dread the day she asks for a dog of her own. Mostly because I know I'll probably cave. Bless.

What you're seeing above is Greer asking for the dog's hand to hold while we walk. Cute, right? Now do you see why the chances of me caving are so darn high???

I hope you enjoyed some of beautiful Highland County and some flashbacks to our wedding day in Stanton! Happy Monday, friends! May it not be so Mondayish after all!