Festival Around Town

June 19, 2017

Oh, the nostalgia! Every June, since I was a little girl, my hometown has put on the Festival Around Town. There are small vendors, festival foods, live music, carnival-like rids, and kiddy games. The smell of fried food fills the summer air, the country music intermingles with the squeals of kids on rides, and the mountains sit as the backdrop in all their glory. This was always a special summertime treat for me, and to this day I still venture back home for a little taste of my childhood. 

This past Friday we kicked off our weekend at the festival, where the most important part is buying a funnel cake and fresh-squeezed lemonade. Nothing will beat it. The weather was beautiful, a blessing considering the rain that had been pouring all week, and we were able to enjoy about an hour and a half of sweet time making even sweeter memories. 

Last year, Greer was just at the brink of turning six months old. This year, my girl was just shy of the 18 month mark, and it was pure joy to share this experience with her. She loved everything....the music, the rides, the sounds, the lights. And just like her mama, she loved the lemonade and funnel cake. 

Even though the magic of the festival isn't the same as an adult, watching Greer take it all in brought back a little of the magic. Her curiosity and amazement was enough to make me burst. How lovely it is to pass down traditions and childhood memories with my little girl. It makes this once-a-year festival all the more special.

I can't pass up an opportunity to do a little mama/daughter matching. And seeing as how stripes are my favorite, this outfit combination was perfection. I wore my new favorite summer dress with the best (in my book) details, longer sleeves and a little flair at the bottom, and Greer sported a light-weight shirt + peach shorts + a twist knot head wrap as the final touch. If you're looking for dresses or tops to beat the heat in and still feel stylish, be sure to check out the selection at PinkBlush! A special thank you to this boutique for sending the dress to me; it's going to be a summer staple.

Whether she was running around with her aunt or dancing to the country tunes, if there is one thing this girl had her eye on the whole time, it was the blow-up toys. She wanted a "balloon" so badly, and husband and I couldn't resist. So she caught some fish with her daddy and then became the proud owner of  blow-up strawberry lollipop. She hasn't put it down all weekend. Easily, the best $3 we have ever spent. Even if it means getting bonked in the head from all the excitement ;)

She was stealing sips of lemonade from anyone who couldn't turn toothy grin "pleases" down. You try to resist.....it wouldn't happen, I promise. We cut her off of lemonade, but she didn't pass up the chance to get in on the funnel cake. Greer even decided that doing tricks would most likely guarantee her more bites of the sweet confection. See for yourself....

We wrapped up our time at the festival out in the grassy field, admiring the swings just one more time. And then since someone was too little to actually get on the swings, her daddy swung her around instead. She was just as thrilled. I'm pretty sure I could just eat her up. 

I so look forward to next year's Festival Around Town, to sharing more memories, and keeping the tradition alive and well!

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