Mother's Day Snapshots

May 17, 2017

Mother's Day started off with a sweet wake-up in bed by husband and my bitty girl, a few gifts, and the best homemade cards I've ever received. I have to admit, I thought I was going to somewhat dislike all the homemade art, cards, pictures, etc. that come along with having a child(ren). But, that dashing thought went straight out the window Sunday morning as the sun was streaming through and I read through Greer's card for mama. She drew me a picture and her daddy shared some of her 'thoughts' about her favorite things to do with me. I basically melted into the sheets. Give me all the homemade everything.

Husband took over baby duty while I readied for church, and after a failed attempt at church nursery, our girl stayed in the sanctuary with us where she didn't make a peep. Sitting in my lap, she rested her head on my chest and listened to the sermon, happy just to be with mama and da-da. It was the sweetest thing, and I loved the feel of her weight and warmth on my lap during the service. I'm going to miss those days when she's bigger and much prefers the nursery to the sermon.

Once home, husband put her down for a nap and I soaked in some sunshine with a peach mimosa and a book. He fixed us Eggs Benedict (SO good!) and blueberries, which we enjoyed while our girl snoozed into the early afternoon. Once she was up we enjoyed some more sunshine, while she splashed around in her water table. Late afternoon was filled with a quick visit from husband's uncle as he swung through on a road trip from Texas; dinner out on the patio of downtown pub; swinging before Greer's bedtime; and binge watching West Wing after putting Greer down for the night. I only photographed (on my phone) a couple of things on Sunday, but I did capture some food from the day before when we celebrated my mama. 

Here are some snapshots of our weekend of Mother's Day celebrations...

What I wouldn't do for this girl of mine. She made my biggest dream come true. Motherhood has been everything and nothing like I expected. It's my biggest blessing, hardest challenge, and sweetest joy. And for a little look back, here was my first Mother's Day last year!