Five On Friday No. 4

March 31, 2017

It's the last day of March, y'all!! I can't even begin to wrap my head around it. We're kicking April off with a 15-month-old who talks up a storm, a house full of in-progress projects (#wallpaperforever), and weather that keeps bouncing between warm/sunny and chilly/overcast/rainy. I don't think Virginia can make up its mind about committing to springtime officially. 

N O.   1
I love Grace & Frankie, and the latest season hit Netflix a week ago. So you know what I've been binge watching in my spare time. I really can't get enough, though I could do with less of some of the adult language. Speaking of television shows, my favorite Real Housewives (hello, New York ladies!) are coming back on next week. And so is Southern Charm. I am so excited, and feel so silly for being so excited. #guiltypleasures

NO. 2
Who knew cleaning products could smell so spring fresh?! I am obsessed with Mrs. Meyer's newest spring scent, and it actually makes me excited to clean the kitchen after dinner. It smells that wonderful! I'm using the everyday cleaner for a post-eating wipe-down of the countertops and the hand soap.

N O.   3
So apparently Starbucks has a spring cup out?! I don't know if I've missed the window to get one, but I need to get on that!

N O.   4
We bought our house at the beginning of fall, and the landscaping was completely non-existent. It's still non-existent as we try to decide exactly what we're going to do with our blank space. In the meantime, it has been such a delight to discover the surprise flowers that the yard still boasts. My ver favorites of them all?? The one white hyacinth, the row of tulips (still waiting to see their color!), and the grape hyacinths that are popping up like wildflowers.

N O.   5
One of my favorite parts of spring is breaking out all the dresses. Anyone else?? From casual to dressy, I love them all. Here are some of my top picks are: this, this, this, and this. Is there a dress I need to see? Leave me a link in the comments!

If you missed them, here is my A Taste Of Spring post and Mama Says No. 1 post from this week! Happy weekending! xo

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