A Taste Of Spring

March 28, 2017

Saturday was our first taste of true spring weather, with the sun out and temperatures just creeping up to the 70s. We opted to put aside all of our to-dos and house projects for a full day of family time, which started early that morning at the local Farmer's Market. We almost got a Greek crepe, before skipping out of line to avoid the inevitable hour-long wait, promising ourselves we would make the crepe happen the next time, ordering a little earlier. 

What did we do instead of crepes? Jimmy Johns subs, that's what. And we walked those subs to the center of VT's campus for a picnic lunch with our girl. Who, after eating her share of food, decided walking all over the Drillfield is what dreams are made of. I'm not sure who was more enamored, her at all that open, beautiful space or the college students watching the most joyful baby waddle about. 

After a nap for baby, and a super short nap for mama, we resumed family time by playing outside, or in adult terms, tending to our yard while baby-wearing. Then we parked ourselves on a blanket to snack and listen to the birds. Greer loves tweeting back at the birds, and I find it all kinds of adorable. 

We kept dinner simple and delicious, which I'll be sharing with a double-recipe post later this week. And we rounded out the evening outside once more, walking all over, admiring the surprise flowers popping up in our yard, sticking our tongues out, and giving sugars. Saturday was one for the books, my friends. 

If you're wondering, this is our clothesline. It needs a little love, but it's going to be the best spot for air-drying clothes these next several months!

 Her first pair of sandals. I can't even. And she loves them, which makes it all the cuter. 

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