Building A Gallery Wall

February 1, 2017

Y'all, it finally feels like home with our photos on the wall! I can't begin to explain just how much cozier it feels in here now. Though we moved in mid-September (over 4 months ago!), I wasn't ready to put pictures and frames up until I had decided on something I would love. My personal style has been evolving over the last several years, and I'm beginning to find my decorating niche. Moving into our house gave me the blank slate I was craving to put those new design preferences together. I knew the look I wanted to achieve, the type of gallery wall I wanted to hang, and the aesthetic I wanted in our photos. After narrowing all of those choices down, I was able to pick out the frames. From there, the fun part began!

I knew this gallery wall needed to be a statement piece in my fairly large family room. I wanted a combination of classic + bold, with the photos being the focal point, and the frames acting as an accent. To achieve this look I selected a thin, matte silver frame. Additionally, because I had decided on a 3x4 layout, I knew using a white matte in the frame would help to break the space up, giving more visual room in-between each photo since the frames would all be close together. The last part was selecting the photos and having them printed.

My good friend and photographer, Rachel, has taken a bunch of photos of my family over the last year and a half. Her photos are soft and airy, which is exactly the look I was going for. I didn't want the saturation to be too high nor too low, and I wanted colors that would fit into the existing colors of the room. It was so easy selecting the photos I wanted to frame. Even easier was using MPix to print my photos. Every time I have used their printing services, I am more than satisfied with the result. My photos come back looking just like they do on my computer screen. The color is spot on, the quality is impeccable, and the photo paper is superb. I've never been disappointed with their printing, and their staff is so helpful, going above and beyond to make sure you are getting what you want. In this particular case, since I was going with large 11x14 photos, I needed the print quality to be exceptional. Again, MPix came through helping me to complete my gallery wall.

My theme for this wall was BIG, BIG, BIG! It may not be Texas, but the bigger the better in this Virginia home. Using some design knowledge I've picked up over the years and combining it with my personal taste, I accomplished a gallery wall that I've been dying to put together. It made the entire room change, and filled it with so much personality. Not only am I crazy about the finished look, but husband is too, and y'all, that's saying something!

To achieve this look in your own home:
  • Frames
    • Frame size = 16.299"L x 20.354"W x .787"D
    • Matted (in white) for an 11x14 photo
    • Thin silver, metal frame
  • Photos
    • 11x14
    • Professionally taken and professionally printed
  • Hanging 
    • The photos are spaced 1.5" apart on all sides
    • I started hanging from the ceiling down, but spaced it all out before putting nails in the wall to make sure I had enough room.
  • Other Decorative Pieces

A special thanks to MPix for providing the printed images used in this gallery wall. 
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