Holiday Traditions || Christmas Cards 2016

December 7, 2016

Traditions abound this time of year! There's no denying how much I love the holidays, and I'm a firm believer that they should be made special year in and year out. When husband and I got married, we started our own traditions while also combining our family traditions. Now that Greer is here, we're incorporating even more into the mix, really solidifying our Hill family traditions. I'm sure we'll keep adding and tweaking them with each child until we find just the right combination. 

One tradition that we started in 2013, and one I plan to keep around forever, is Christmas cards. I absolutely love getting Christmas cards in the mail, and it gives me such delight to send out our own. This year I went a little extra special, and I LOVE how it all came together! Tiny Prints really made my Christmas card dreams come true! 

We  used a photo from another Christmas tradition, cutting down our Christmas tree, as the photo from our card. I love that we are able to share a snapshot of that with our loved ones. And since we kept it simple on the front of the card, we used the back of the card to update friends and family with a snippet of our year.

For a little extra Christmas cheer, I went with tree silhouette envelope liners. They just make the inside of the envelope a little bit cozier. Don't you think?

One of my very parts about our cards this year are the stamps! Y'all, I've never had personalized stamps, and these take the cake! You know, it's always hard to narrow down one to two photos for your Christmas cards. So this was extra fun to use another photo from chopping our tree down on the stamps. I'm definitely going with personalized stamps for holiday cards from here on out. Aren't they so fun?!

Outside of the postal stamps, this address embosser is my other favorite. Since we've been married, I've been itching to get a fancy stamp for addressing our envelopes. It just didn't make since to invest in one while renting because it wasn't permanent. So you know this was at the top of the list when we bought our house. I can't get enough of it! Tiny Prints has such a good collection of embossers, and I went with a circular design that doesn't use ink and instead imprints the address into the paper. I'm smitten with it! If you're looking for one, I can't recommend this particular one more. It really makes your letters so much more charming and personal! 

There you have it! Each element is really adding to the character of our Christmas cards this year. I'll be snuggling up by the fireplace tonight, Christmas Vacation playing, a cup of peppermint cocoa for sipping, and husband beside me to start addressing our cards. Tomorrow morning they'll be headed out to our people! Oh, how I can't wait for them to start rolling in too! I've got a DIY coming up for how to showcase your cards!

And for fun, I thought I might send some of you a Christmas card this year! I love my blog readers and would love to spread a little snail mail cheer! I've got a limited number to send, so the first 10 people to comment we'll get a Christmas card form the Hills! You'll just need to email me your mailing address:

And last but not least, Tiny Prints is having a fabulous promotion for 40% off everything + free shipping through December 8. Use code BESTFINALE when you check out! 

A very special thank you to Tiny Prints for providing all items for this post. Opinions are mine alone.