Greer's First Thanksgiving Pt. 1

December 4, 2016

Family time, you can't beat it. I wouldn't trade anything for time with my little family. Weekends are never enough, and holidays are too far and few. So when we get the chance to spend a little more quality time together for extended amounts of time, I'm all over it. Since having a child, this sentiment has really been driven home for husband and I. It's so important to just stop sometimes. To set the other things (work, chores, etc.) aside every now and again to get away and pour into one another. We need it, and never do we regret taking the time to do so.
So, for Thanksgiving week we drove out of the mountains of Virginia for coastal living in the Outer Banks. While the drive proved to be much longer with a baby, it was so worth the getaway. We spent our week surrounded by extended family, with the chill of November in the salty air. There were naps (for the adults!), coffee drinks, small-shop-shopping, and good food to be had. 

So during our Thanksgiving week we were not only so very thankful for our family, for our sweet girl, but also for the little bit of extra time we got to spend with one another. Now for all the photos....and there are a lot!

Not only was this Greer's first Thanksgiving, but it was also her first time seeing the ocean. We let her put her little toes in the sand, and while she didn't hate it, she wasn't too sure about it either. She absolutely loved the sound of the ocean and the waves; it was so calming for her. #bestwhitenoiseever

Greer has never been super snuggly. And then we headed to the beach, and this girl snuggled up like it was her job. She hasn't stopped since, and this mama heart is ecstatic over the sweetness. Snuggle me forever, baby girl.

Can you take a look at that little smile Greer is trying to hide behind her pacifier. My word, she's pure cuteness. It's been so fun to share motherhood with my family. From my sister to my cousin, this girl of mine is loved so very much. We were reminiscing about our last Thanksgiving week at the beach, which was 8 years ago. While so much has changed from graduations to marriage and a baby, some things don't change at all. We can always pick right up where we left off with one another.

This look. I'm sure it's one that she'll be giving me the rest of her life. You know, the one that says, "Mom, what are you doing?" in a hushed tone. It's okay, my girl. I'll be cheering you on and doing the silliest things for the rest of your life. And just so we know what I was doing here. Greer has a new party trick. When asked, "Who's so big?" She'll raise her hands to show everyone just how big she is. I was merely trying to encourage that response. Greer clearly wasn't amused. #motherhood 

Pictures with an 11-month-old, be like.... Greer is so much more interested in getting down and exploring than being held for photos.

Stay tuned for more of our Duck adventures in part two of this post! There's a gorgeous lighthouse and more beach walks coming!