Greer's 1st Halloween

November 1, 2016

I'm about to overload you with complete and total cuteness. Greer's first Halloween was just so darn sweet. At such a young age, I know she isn't aware of what all is going on, but I've always loved the holidays. I adore them more than I can say. Bringing festivity to life is one of my great loves and passions. I've known for a long time that I want to make the holidays and seasons special for my children. I will always celebrate these moments with them no matter how little they may be at the time. I know my sweet girl will look back on these firsts, and I want her to see how much we celebrated the milestones and the everyday.
So back to Halloween. I couldn't let it pass by without putting together a family costume I've talked about doing since before we had a child. It should come as no surprise to you that we went with a Starbucks theme. Because, h e l l o, I have quite the love affair with Starbucks. Husband and I went as baristas while our bitty girl went as the most adorable frappuccino around!

Greer's outfit all started with the basic idea. Then I reached out to our family friend Lindy about a custom, crochet hat. And did she ever deliver! I love the beautiful hat she made for Greer's costume. It was exactly what I wanted. With the colder months on their way, you definitely need to check out her Etsy shop, Sunny Days Crochet. She'll make you an adorable hat for your little(s). And she's been so kind to offer 10% your order using code FALL10 now through next Tuesday. 

The rest of my girl's costume came together with some imagination and crafting. I used fleece to construct her poncho, which I was originally was going to sew together, leaving just arm holes. But I found that leaving it as a poncho worked best for her. Plus, this outfit will get plenty of use for older littles too. Fleece was also used to make the foam. And I used felt to cut out the Starbucks logo for the front and boxes for drink preferences on the back. 

This photo just melts me, completely. Those blue eyes looking up at me and her tiny teeth. I'm a lucky mama to call her mine.

This photo. Isn't it telling?! Greer is a ham. And when mama hams it up with her she really loves it.

So  we dared to leave our entire pumpkin cauldron full of candy out on the front porch with the light on. Y'all we got home and it had barely been touched. I kid you not. I was so shocked. So come by my house and take this candy off of my hands! 

We went around trick-or-treating with family. These three together is probably one of the cutest things. They smother each other with sugars. I mean just look at the way Greer is leaning back on one cousin and holding the hand of the other cousin. She adores them. 

And little miss enjoyed the neighborhood rounds in her hand-me-down wagon, which she absolutely loves. The poncho idea for her outfit was super helpful here. Underneath the flap she is all bundled up in a blanket to keep her warm, and her costume is still easily visible. Cuteness, I tell you. Nothing but cuteness!

I hope you and yours had a perfectly festive Halloween! Now let's break out the Turkey Day recipes and some Christmas tunes (every now and again)!