An October Afternoon

October 28, 2016

When afternoon hit yesterday, we needed to break free of the house. Motherhood indoors can do that to you. You crave wide open spaces and fresh air. Baby does too. So we grabbed a blanket, found the biggest tree, nestled underneath it, and let the leaves rain down all around us. It was perfection, and more so it was exactly what we needed.
The air was crisp, the breeze gentle, and the falling leaves made everything feel magical. October is my favorite month for so many reasons, and these are just some of those. I've loved sharing all things fall with Greer this season. It's so much better to experience autumn through your little one's perspective. Everything is much more enchanting. She loved having the breeze blow through her hair, picking it up and swirling it about. The texture of the leaves in her chubby little hands was almost too much for her to handle. She simply delighted in it. And on occasion this mama had to grab the leaves that were making a beeline straight for baby's mouth. 

I will never tire nor get enough of leaves swirling about. It's like a fall snow globe, and it makes my heart terribly happy. It was so fun to watch Greer get so tickled by it too. She loved pointing them all out and tilting her head backward to take it all in. Pure joy. 

And then Da-Da came home for lunch, and Greer about lost her mind. She was in heaven. A little wrestle match with her favorite guy does her heart good. She soaked in her sweet time with Da-da while sampling some of his chicken nuggets.

On our way back inside for nap time, we turned on our Halloween lights. It was overcast for most of the day, making it acceptable to have the lights on in the middle of the day. Any excuse to get festive. And we'll certainly be getting festive this weekend! I can't wait to share our Halloween costumes with you on Monday! Cheers, to a happy Halloween weekend!