In The Apple Orchard

September 28, 2016

On Saturday our family of three packed up after morning naps (I wish I could say the parents were included on that) and headed to my hometown for a little apple picking. In years past we have gone to Carter Mountain Orchard, but with all the moving this year, we couldn't swing the travel time. I must say that next year for our apple-picking tradition, we will definitely be making the trip. While we enjoyed our time at Doe Creek Farm, the adventure of a road trip and a whole day spent in a new place is more my favorite. Regardless, our family loves picking fresh apples and then baking up an apple storm in the kitchen!

The weather was lovely, if you're a summer person. This Indian summer is really killing the fall vibes. Temperatures in the high 80's and lowers 90's are not supposed to be happening in September. Alas, we forged ahead and picked through the heat. Granted, we didn't pick long for baby girl's sake. But the time we did have, we enjoyed. Sharing a family tradition with your child for the first time is always its own kind of special. We had been waiting for this day since last year when I was pregnant with her. Each year will just keep getting sweeter as we keep this tradition alive.

Apple picking with a baby is a whole new experience. Greer is getting to the point where she wants to be into everything. What am I saying...she's been in that stage for months now. She loved being able to hold the apples and examine them. Of course, she also wanted to put every apple in her mouth. Her sweetness about it all is enough to melt you.

Like I said, her wonder and amazement about new things and experiences will completely and totally melt you. Watching my daughter take in the world has been fascinating and everything is all new for me through her eyes.

One of my absolute favorite apple desserts is my apple crisp crumble. Put a crumble on top of anything and I'm falling hard for it. What better way to use these beauts than to make a hot apple crisp?! I think this year I'm going to switch the recipe up a bit, so I'll keep you posted with the final result!

But first, what are your must-make apple recipes?? Mine are this crock pot apple-stuffed pork, the apple crisp crumble, an apple plum crumble, and this slab pie (but with apples instead of peaches).

This girl looks just like her daddy! I see it so much in this photo. However, the older she has gotten the more of me I am starting to see in her. I'm beginning to think she is a lovely combination of the two of us, and depending on the angle, you'll either see more Pete or more me. 

I think she most certainly got my eye shape. One is rounder and one is more almond shape. Do you see it? While we're talking features, I'll add that her lips and ears are mine. But that nose and the eye color, and hair are her daddy's. It's so fun seeing yourself come out in your child.

And a profile picture to make your day. Because those cheeks are everything! P.s. if you want to know where baby girl's hooded romper is from along with my top, see HERE and HERE (similar)! And her romper, which comes in a set of two, is on MAJOR sale!

And more of our apple picking adventures from 2014 and 2015.

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