He's 26!

September 26, 2016

Yesterday, husband turned 26 and made his way over the hump of his mid-twenties. He finally joined me, and for the next four months we'll be the same age. Fun fact, we're both born of the 25th of the month, making us exactly 8 months apart.
We spent the weekend being intentional with our time and celebrating this guy. With all the moving and house projects life has been a bit chaotic, and we haven't left a lot of time for us. So Saturday was lazy for us, which we welcomed with open arms. Our morning included Starbucks and our afternoon was for apple picking. By the evening, we were enjoying our extended family and the first meal with them in our new house. It felt nice to get back to a simpler life for just a little awhile. And quality time with your people can't be under estimated. We're thankful for a heart-filling Saturday that spilled over into Sunday.

For husband's birthday we started the morning with more Starbucks (yay for birthday rewards!) and pumpkin spice donuts. A nap (which went right through church) gave us some down time to cuddle on the couch/nap. We ran out for a few items, grabbed subs for lunch, and put little bit down for another nap. Our afternoon involved cake-making, football, and baby snuggles before dinner out with my mom and sister. We rounded out the evening by opening gifts and eating husband's traditional strawberry deluxe birthday cake. 

I'd say it was the exact weekend we needed, putting a pause on all of the to-dos and focusing on family. Husband's birthday was the perfect reason to hit the refresh button. And celebrating him should be something I do more often, not just on the special occasions. Because he deserves it for everything he is and for everything he does. Greer and I are so very lucky to call him ours. 

Husband, I hope 26 is your best year yet! It's definitely looking good on you ;) I'll love you forever and a day. xo

p.s. This picture makes me laugh until I'm in tears. Greer's face is priceless. But, secretly I think she loves the kiss sandwich.