At Home With The Hills

September 1, 2016

WE  ARE OFFICIALLY HOMEOWNERS! Yesterday morning we signed all the closing documents, and legally bound ourselves to a ranch-style home with enough room for renovations while having enough updates to not empty our savings. It's one of my top five moments of all time. And husband and I feel like such adults now. It feels so wonderful to not only give ourselves a house of our own, but to give Greer her own home. This place is ready for memory-making, and I can't wait for all the moments and milestones we're going to have here!

Over the last year I've been using the hashtag AtHomeWithTheHills whenever I share a post about us at home. And while our townhome has been home for (almost) three years, it hasn't been a place where we can truly leave our mark. No painting the walls, no adding backsplash, no changing out the carpet. This home is a blank slate ready for my inner Joanna Gaines. And yes, shiplap is a part of the plan eventually :) 

A little background history...our house has been sitting vacant for the last seven years. We've been house hunting off and on for a little over two years. Out of all of the houses we've seen we have put in offers on four, not including this one. We almost bought a charming Victorian-style home in June, but the inspection report showed way too many problems that we weren't willing to sink our money into. So we walked away, really worried we would never own a home (dramatic, I know). Then the realtor we've been working with mentioned he owned a home he had been flipping, but had taken a break from. We went to see it, fell in love, and well here we are. It's now ours. 

I have to admit, from the outside I wasn't blown away. I really wasn't impressed much at all. But then we got inside, and it sealed the deal. I've never been a fan of cookie-cutter homes, it's just not my style. I love charm, and this house has it. I have a million + one ideas on how to really spruce this house up, and take it from its bare bones to something fabulous. It will be a work in progress over the years, but I am so looking forward to transforming the house into our home sweet home. Of course, I'll be sharing all of our DIYing on the blog as we go! 

So  come on in for a little sneak peak. I think you're going to see the charm and potential too! Find me on Instagram (stories) and Snapchat (@astleigh_hill) to see more peaks into our home. In the next coming weeks, I'll be sharing the "before" photos, so stay tuned!