Life Lately No. 1

August 30, 2016

Life lately has been, well a little crazy. Greer has been sick (thank you for all of your kind words on my IG post; I never got around to responding, but I read them all and so appreciated each one), my house is a M.E.S.S and full of boxes, and we are in the final stages of buying our home. Closing is tomorrow (eek!!). So to get out of the house, step away from all the boxes, and soak in the last of our summer evenings in Virginia we made a date-night out of last Wednesday. 

After dinner at Zoës Kitchen, a new addition to our town that we will be frequenting often, we made our way to the Drillfield for an attraction put on by the college. Leave it to me to read the start time wrong (I read the start time as the time it actually ended). So we missed it, but we made the best of our time on campus. A highlight....the changing leaves that are starting to pop up in the trees and on the ground. 

What's life been like for you lately?