His Last First Day of School Ever!

August 22, 2016

It's back-to-school in this house today! But it looks a lot different than sending of tiny tikes with too-big backpacks and matching lunch boxes. Instead, I'm sending off my twenty-something husband to his first day of his last semester of graduate school and his last first day of school ever. This has been a long time coming, my friends! Do you remember his very first day of grad school two years ago?!

Although there have been moments when time seems to crawl along, for the most part this graduate school journey has gone by so quickly, especially when we are looking back on it. If you're new to the blog let me catch you up...husband is a mechanical engineer pursuing his master's degree while working full-time, being a husband and a new dad. He's been a rockstar over these last two years, and I know that he is going to finish out these next four months strong. He makes me one proud lady.

Come December, when the snow is bristling about, the temperatures in the mountains of Virginia are cold enough to make you wish you didn't have to leave your house, and all the Christmas décor is out, we'll be celebrating all of his hard work as he graduates. It's going to be a very sweet milestone for this guy of mine. A very deserved celebration indeed!

Do you remember last year at this time when I was swooning over what husband's back-to-school picture would look like with a baby girl on his hip?!?! Well here it is, and I'm all kinds of heart eyes over it. Husband is setting a wonderful example of pursuing dreams, excelling academically, holding down a career, and being present at home for his little girl. She is so very lucky to cal him daddy, and I'm thankful for his dedication to being the best not just for me, but for her. A rockstar, I tell you, he is a rockstar. And he even agreed to take these first day of school pictures for a third year in a row....have I told you enough how much of a rockstar he is???

This year, since it's his last semester and all the encouragement and kind words to finish strong are welcome, I thought it would be fun to leave some comments for this guy! He's behind a lot of my blogging, from helping to take photos and being my right-hand man on DIY projects to taste-testing recipes. So if you feel inclined, let's cheer him on! The next four months will be strategic and time-consuming as he finishes his thesis paper, and I want him to feel all the support as he takes it on! 

Greer and I are so proud of you husband, more than you know! xo

And for a little look into the past: