August Goals

August 1, 2016

Happy August! It feels like July should be starting instead; this summer has been the quickest I've known yet. But, I won't complain because we're that much closer to fall. And you know how happy that makes me! I thought I would start sharing my goals for each month. Mostly to keep myself accountable, and to give myself a space to watch my growth and progress in my goals. Join me if you like!

A U G U S T    G O A L S

  • Start a good book
  • Get to the pool at least 2 more times
  • Start and finish packing our townhome
  • Declutter and organize while packing
  • Close on our new house. Yep, that's right, we bought a house!! More on that later!
  • Make candles and get our pre-orders out the door!
  • Start reorganizing my Pinterest boards
  • Create and work on a Fall Decorating Pinterest board
  • Update my planner

I think these will be good goals to shoot for. I'll check back in at the start of September with my progress on them + new goals for September. And you know it will be about all things fall. What are your goals this month?