Greer Girl || 6 Months

July 21, 2016

S I X    M O N T H S

Today my sweet Greer girl turns 7 months old! I know, I can't believe it either!! Time has been flying. Literally, and that's why I'm just now getting around to her 6 month update. Fingers crossed I can get her 7 month update on the blog next week before I forget her milestones and firsts for this month! 

If I thought month five brought a lot of change, month six knocks it out of the ball park! Greer has learned to roll over, mind you from back to front and she can't figure out how to get onto her back again. She is a teething/gumming machine, yet no teeth have popped through, and she is discovering her voice at the highest pitch possible. She is all things cute, feisty, and drooly at this age. She wins us over with her toothless grin, sugars, and neck nuzzles. 

A month ago today my little peanut hit the halfway mark on her way to a year! It doesn't seem real that six months have gone by, but then again it feels like we've known her forever and six months seems like such little time. She brings an abundance of joy to our lives, and if half a year can be this magical with her, we can't imagine what a full year will feel like. Greer has been changing constantly over the last month, and she's really quite adorable as she takes everything in and learns all the new things. Happy 1/2 Birthday to our girl!

G R E E R   @   6  M O N T H S 

weight: 18 lbs 12 oz
birth: 7 lbs 3 oz

height: approx. 28"
birth: 20 1/2"

head: approx. 16 1/4"
birth: need to find that out


At five months and one week, Greer tried her first solid food. She was crazy about rice cereal and couldn't get enough. She quickly associated sitting in her highchair with eating solid food, and she conjures up a grin when she knows food is on the way. Since, she's also tried bananas, apples, mangos, peaches, squash, sweet carrots, green beans, peas, and a whole host of combined flavors. She's really enjoying her solids, but also still loves her milk.

During this month her eating schedule has looked like this:
wake-up: nurse
late morning: a little bit of fruit || 2ish oz; topped off with mik
mid-afternoon: nurse
evening: vegetables || 2-4ish oz; topped off with milk
right before bed: nurse


Greer is still a great nighttime sleeper, with the occasional trouble staying asleep due to teething pains. She sleeps from the time she goes down (7PM - 8PM) until about 5 or 6AM the next morning. Sometimes I can nurse her and she'll go back to sleep for an hour to an hour and a half. But, mostly she's awake at 6 or 6:30 ready to start her day.

With such an early wake time, a nap is guaranteed an hour and a half after she wakes. We're still experiencing the 30 minute nap if she is put down in her crib. But, if she's held she can go for a hour to an hour and twenty minutes. It's always changing and napping lengths are rarely consistent. Nap times, however, are very consistent. She sleep every 2-3 hours, with the first nap of the morning being an exception, as she's tired an 1.5 hours later.  Hopefully, we can figure out how to get her longer naps in the crib so that she'll be napping twice a day for about 2 hours. That's the goal.

D E V E L O P M E N T   /   P L A Y

Greer is not much of an independent player. We're discovering that she likes to keep company while playing, and tires quickly of being by herself. She'd much rather be with someone and in on what they're doing instead. She gets that from her mama :) The only activity that can keep her entertained by herself long enough is her jump-a-roo. She really loves pumping her legs and jumping as best she can.

At six months she is comfortable sitting against someone or something, but hasn't managed to sit unassisted yet. She prefers playing on her back, but has become more comfortable with playing on her tummy. We think she's not much of a tummy baby thanks to acid reflux.

Her most recent favorite is her toes. She loves grabbing a hold of her feet and getting them in her mouth. She is reaching for and trying to get a hold of everything. We have to be extremely careful with what is in her immediate reach.

She's still just rolling to her right, and hasn't figured out how to roll the other direction or how to get onto her back again.

  • She loves all of her daddy's silly faces and noises. 
  • She celebrated her first Memorial Day (weekend).
  • She went strawberry picking for the first time!
  • Bathtime is really fun for her now, and she loves splashing in the water.
  • She tried solid foods for the first time! It seems that peas are her favorite. 
  • She is gumming extra hard on everything she can get in her mouth, yet still no teeth.
  • Still in 12 month pajamas.
  • Being outside is her favorite. 
  • Her Sidda (my mama) is her favorite person.
  • Still working on "let go," "gentle," and "no" with her. 
  • Her nails grow faster and faster the older she gets (or so it seems).
  • She is enjoying her first summer, but mostly stays indoors to avoid the sunlight. At 6 months she can now have sunscreen applied, but before that the doctor said "absolutely not."
  • She helped her daddy celebrate his first Father's Day.

S I X   M O N T H S   P H O T O   C O L L E C T I O N

For many more photos of my girl and all her grins, check out my Instagram!

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