Husband's First Father's Day

June 21, 2016

All day Sunday, Greer and I celebrated our favorite guy on his first Father's Day, and it looked like a lot of man food (he did 95% of the cooking!), cuddles, and outdoor time. Husband deserves to be celebrated everyday just because he is him, but mostly for his commitment to us, for the way he selflessly gives of himself and his time, and for his unconditional love. His love for us and for the Lord is evident in all that he does, and as the leader of our family, it makes following him a joy. I'm thankful for a day meant to put the spotlight on the men in our lives who have gone above and beyond to be incredible, outstanding fathers. Parenthood makes you appreciate your parents more than you ever could, and I'm beyond blessed to share this newest adventure with him.
Greer is head over heels for her daddy, and it goes without saying that she is most certainly a daddy's girl. She lights up the moment she lays eyes on him and she can't get enough of his goofy side. Our peanut is the luckiest to call him dad, and it melts me watching their relationship grow. You've never seen something so cute or more special. The fact that they are so crazy about each other is enough to make me want to have a million babies. So as much as I could keep gushing over our love for him, for the amazing father that he is, I'll leave it at this...I'm so very thankful that our daughter has an example of a godly gentleman in her life, one who shows her how a husband loves his wife, how a father loves his children, and how living a life for the Lord is what really matters. 

We love you husband/da-da! Thank you for loving us like you do! xoxo