How We Weekend

June 13, 2016

I've got all the praise hands for this weekend. It was a good one, friends. Refreshing, delightful, sunny, and lovely. It was all the happies wrapped up in a pretty bow. And I hope yours was the same.

We started our weekend off on a high note Friday afternoon, and spend the next two days soaking in the almost-summer goodness. Saturday morning our bright-eyed and bushy tale babe woke up at 6:30, ready to start the day with a million smiles and lots of drool (thanks teething). After breakfast [fried eggs, toast, avocado, bananas, and iced coffee] we napped, well Greer and I did. And once we were up we headed out to the farmer's market. I would buy everything at a farmer's market if my wallet would let me. I love the atmosphere, the smells, the small town feel. It's cozy, and it's eclectic. We took away some fresh peaches, a sampling of strawberry rhubarb lemonade, and basil plants (pray I don't kill the basil). 

The farmer's market was followed up with a walk around campus while Greer snoozed in her stroller. Come this August it will be 8 years since husband and I were freshmen at Virginia Tech. What?! Doesn't even seem possible, yet somehow it is. Our Saturday wrapped up with a Sonic peach slush for me and cherry limeade for him (hallelujah, happy hour!) on our front porch; a couple more naps for baby girl; an early dinner; some frisbee throwing after Greer's bedtime; and New Girl before we called it a night.

Sunday started with Starbucks (amen and amen!) followed by church, which we ended up leaving early when Greer decided she wanted to make all kinds of joyful noises to the Lord while the sermon was going on :) A long nap on daddy for our peanut, the grocery store, some baking, and a casual, impromptu cookout with friends concluded our Sunday.

Like I said, this weekend was good. It just what our little family needed, and it's got us starting our week off on a high note. I'm so thankful for my sweet family, our people, our home[town], baby laughs, wild flowers in my kitchen (that husband picks for me), and fresh peaches. 

And a very Happy 25th Birthday to my sister!! xo