A Baby In The Strawberry Fields

May 31, 2016

There needs to be a three-day weekend at least once a month, don't you agree?! Getting back into a routine is hard after time relaxing and adventuring with your people. On Saturday, our family of three + my mom and sister headed to the strawberry fields about an hour away. It was perfectly sunny and bright, which meant sunnies for all! The cutest sunnies belonging to a sweet 5 month old. There's nothing that girl can't make absolutely adorable.

After picking two buckets full, we loaded up, stopped for cold drinks for the trip home, and concluded the day with bbq ribs, homemade strawberry shortcake, and cards. I live for days like these and the memories made. This year made our third trip to the strawberry fields, and ever since that first visit I have daydreamed about the year we would bring our little one along for the tradition. My how fast it came true! This was my favorite year yet; I'm looking forward to next year's visit when Greer's chubby toddler fingers can pick strawberries too.