Hour By Hour Weekend [March]

March 14, 2016

Happy Monday! Our weekend was simple and slow. With husband still recovering from the flu, that's just how our weekend needed to be. We did little of nothing, and although I typically enjoy a full weekend, having some needed downtime was welcome and lovely.

I'm so excited to be sharing an Hour By Hour Weekend post again! It's been too long since my last one. I really love looking back on these posts and reminiscing on what we were up to. This HBHW is extra special because our sweet girl is now a part of it. Oh how that changes the way our weekends look, and for the better!

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4:00 >> Husband was officially diagnosed with the flu early Friday afternoon. Poor guy has been miserable since Wednesday afternoon, and about this time his medication was ready to be picked up at the pharmacy. Out we went to grab it, and a few other items.

5:00 >> Settled in for the weekend, husband asleep on the couch and Greer and I hanging out.

6:00 >> A sore throat could always use some hot tea. So I made husband some before getting Greer ready for bed. With daylight savings happening over the weekend, I've been putting her to bed earlier than her normal 7:00/7:30 time to help her transition easier. It seems to have really helped her (hallelujah!).

7:00 >> With a sleeping baby, I made dinner and husband and I enjoyed a little quiet time together (but on separate couches!). This mama doesn't have time to catch the flu too! Our night ended shortly after with homemade strawberry milkshakes and then on to bed.


7:00 >> Weekend mornings start so much earlier in the Hill house now that Greer is here. Our girl wakes up happy and bright-eyed to start her day. We snuggled in bed for a bit before heading downstairs and leaving husband to sleep longer. 

8:00 >> While Greer kicked around in her swing, I enjoyed some iced coffee to get me going. 

9:00 >> I put cinnamon rolls in the oven for breakfast. It's been forever since I've enjoyed cinnamon rolls on a Saturday morning, and after a long week as the single parent in the house + taking care of a very sick husband, these were all I wanted for the weekend, that and a nap. 

10:00 >> Sweet girl was out for her morning nap so I put out some more Easter décor. 

11:00 >> Lately Greer has been crying in her sleep. Dreams maybe? Sometimes she's consolable without picking her up, and other times she's not. This was one of those times. So I scooped her up, helped her calm back down, and held her while working on a grocery list. I never mind some extra snuggle time.

1:00 >> My mom came over to help me get some things done around the house. Since husband isn't allowed near Greer until he is no longer contagious, I've had my hands full of baby. So I let my mom have her hands full of baby while I bustled about. She ended up doing a lot of the bustling too while I nursed Greer. Our first to-do was the grocery store, and these pretty redbuds are along the route.

2:00 >> A quick stop to grab a late lunch on the way home from the store. Then there was lots of picking up and laundry, which didn't end up getting photographed.

4:30 >> We broke out of the house for a nice afternoon walk, and in hopes that Greer would take an afternoon nap. 

5:00 >> Our walk was full of all kinds of signs of spring.  It makes my heart happy to see springtime coming!

5:10 >> I think exhaustion was setting in for this mama about this point. And sweet Greer finally caved to sleep for a little cat nap before nursing and heading to her crib for the night. After getting baby girl down, I whipped up shepherd's pie for dinner, and then went to bed at 8:30. I'd like more early nights like that!

S U N D A Y 

7:30 >> Daylight savings didn't really affect our house, and for that I'm thankful, especially after our rough [sick] week. Sleeping with the windows open has certainly been a perk of this warmer weather, and I can't get enough!

9:00 >> After a slow start to the morning we got ready to head out of the house for a special treat. Since husband is still coughing and not up for too much activity, we didn't try going to church, but we needed out of the house!

10:00 >> Carol Lee's donuts really hit the spot. It's been forever since we've enjoyed these homemade goodies. 
10:30 >> On the way home we made a pit stop to make a return and grab laundry detergent. Our little excursion out left husband wiped out, so there was no browsing the home section. I'll just have to do that another day ;)

11:00 >> Enjoying the goodness that is Carol Lee's and coffee. 

11:30 >> While mama made pretzels, this girl enjoyed some time in her swing with her sensory blanket. 

12:00 >> With some cuddles she fell asleep for her morning nap (the morning nap she refused to take until it was officially the afternoon).

12:30 >> Since Greer was asleep, I took full advantage and took an hour and fifteen minute nap for myself. It was amazing.

2:00 >> We had a late lunch after I woke from my nap. And although they don't look a thing like pretzels, that's what those wonky shapes are and they were delicious! 

3:00 >> This gal nursed and feel right back to sleep. Because she'll only be this little once, I decided to hold her for the entirety of her nap and I loved every minute of it. She's got my heart. 

4:00 >> And while Greer napped on me, I watched episodes from the first season of Fixer Upper. Can I be besties with Joanna please? That girl is my spirit animal. 

5:30 >> After her nap, it was bath time. She's still not sure what to make of it, but she doesn't cry, which makes me glad. I think once she's a little bigger she'll really love splashing around in the bubbly water. 

6:30 >> Some calm play before heading to bed for this sweet babe.

8:30 >> Leftover shepherd's pie for dinner after Greer girl was down for the night and the kitchen was picked up. This recipe is a new fave, look for it on the blog thus week!

9:30 >> Orange + Spice tea to close out the evening.

10:00 >> Lastly, blogging this post before hitting the hay!

And there's my weekend! How was yours??