TFF + The Pick No. 6

February 12, 2016

Heyo, Friday! My weeks get away from me these days. And I totally mind because it means my baby is getting that much older. Seriously, husband and I measured her yesterday and she's 24 inches long! I know, she's long. I have hopes that she'll play volleyball like her mama. We'll see. Really, though, time could stand to slow down, but winter can see itself out the door.

Speaking of, the weather has been bitter here all week long, and as if I haven't had cabin fever bad /long enough, the bitter temperatures and windchill make it a definite no-go for a random trip to Target (this mama would love to stroll carelessly through Target! Who wants to join me??). So Greer and I have been holding down the fort at home in our pajamas no less. Care to know what else I'm thinking this Friday, keep scrolling down...

T H I N K I N G  > Babies change just as soon as you think you have it all figured out. Greer has had a couple of those weeks where she keeps throwing me curve balls. And while I imagine she knows exactly what she's doing to me according to those smiles she gives, I know she's just being a baby and adjusting along the way. But I want to know, when will I be able to keep a schedule during the day??

P O N D E R I N G > A good chocolate treat to make for Galentine's (yes, us gals are getting together to celebrate each other!) next week! Anyone have a great chocolate recipe they'd like to point me to??

N E E D I N G > Spring weather, warm sunshine, and lots of fresh flowers! Texas, send me some of your faux spring weather please!

L I S T E N I N G > To the dryer doing it's thing. I can't believe how quickly we get behind on our laundry lately. And even though it's not my favorite chore, I do love the smell of those Dreft scented baby clothes and blankets!

D R E A M I N G > Of putting up the newborn photos I ordered yesterday! My gallery wall is full of photos from 2013 and in need of some change. I can't wait for them to arrive in the mail! It would be the best treat if they showed up Saturday!

S W O O N I N G > Over baby girl's nursery. It's been a work in progress for a long while now. Even though it's practically done, there are little details that need tending to. And when those are done, I'll be revealing it on here! But, if you've been curious, there are sneak peeks of it every now and again on my Instagram feed.

Happy Weekending from the Hill trio! xo

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