O Tannenbaum! [Cutting Down Our Christmas Tree]

December 2, 2015

The Christmas magic is all around, and I'm quite smitten! The Friday after Thanksgiving husband and I stopped by Starbucks for two cups full of holiday joy (a caramel brûlée latte for him and a peppermint mocha for me) before heading to the Christmas tree farm. Just a few weeks ago, I shared our search for the most perfect tree. And in the blink of an eye it was time for us to 

A walk through the front fields into the back fields proved to be plenty of exercise for this gal. And right where we left our gorgeous tree a few weeks ago, was where we found her. Perfection in a pine. When it comes to chopping our trees down, we don't play around. Okay, actually we do....

I even tried my hand at cutting down the tree. Well I took one try at it and then gladly handed the saw back over to husband. Let the lumberjack do it, right?? At least I can say that baby girl and I had a very small part in cutting down our tree this year. 

I had to snap a photo of this guy casually carrying his Christmas tree out of the field. I guess it was arms day for him. 

One of my favorite parts of visiting Joe's Trees, is browsing through their little store. They have the best jams, jellies, etc. and I would be amiss if I didn't grab the cherry butter to take home. You've never tasted something so wonderful on buttered toast! 

Besides canned goods, they also have a whole assortment of Christmas decorations, and husband and I have made it a point to grab an ornament from there each year. This time we grabbed a beautiful mercury glass ornament to add to our tree. We also grabbed our girl the sweetest knit Santa hat (you'll have to keep scrolling to see!). 

Thankfully, husband and I didn't have to haul the tree out of the field, just up to a dirt road. And a tractor came around and carried it in for us. Once back to the shop, the tree was shaken and bound for travel back home. I'm always amazed at trees being wound up, and could probably watch trees go through the bounder for a good hour. 

Our drive home was full of anticipation for getting this beaut set up in the perfect place in our family room. With coffee in hand and Christmas music playing on the radio, we listened to the tree whistle as the wind ran through it on the highway. I think this is one of those traditions that not much else can compare! And it's going to be the sweetest when we share it with our babes (hello, next year!).

Remember that tiny Santa hat I mentioned. Are you swooning or are you swooning?! I sure hope she's here in time to wear it this year, even if it will swallow her tiny little head! 

Be sure to check out tomorrow's post to see how the tree decorating turned out! Plus, I'll be sharing the rest of our Christmas décor! If you're a blogger, remember we'll be linking up for the Christmas Décor edition of Every Girl! 

And here are our adventures in cutting down our Christmas trees from years past: