Turkey Day Recap

November 30, 2015

Happy Monday, friends! Isn't it the hardest to kick start yourself for a new week after enjoying a holiday vacation?! I'd say so!

It feels like forever since I've blogged. Probably because it has been! Last week I gave myself a break from everything except for Thanksgiving prep and family. I'm finding that my body just doesn't have the same kind of energy that it did. I guess being 36 weeks pregnant will do that to a gal! I have to say that while I missed sharing with you all, it did me some good to tuck the blog away for just a bit. But, now I'm happy to be back, and to share our Thanksgiving Day!

Like the past three years, husband and I have taken on hosting a Thanksgiving meal at our home on Thanksgiving Day. It's a tradition we would like to keep throughout the years, and one that allows us to include both mine and his family. So fingers crossed that we can make it stick!

It's been customary for us to take Wednesday off from work for prepping for the next day. It's a good thing too, especially this year. Like I said, my body isn't up to its typical regimen, and I can't keep going full speed ahead. So husband picked up a lot of the to-dos on Wednesday, even letting me nap mid-afternoon. Bless him.

Thursday morning is all about the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We eat our homemade ham and cheese quiche (made the day before) while watching the festivities. If we're feeling it, we'll add a latte for sipping too.

Mid-parade we start making the food that doesn't necessarily hold up for pre-making. We're talking appetizers for before the meal and cooking the turkey. This year, husband brined the turkey for about 16 hours ahead of cooking it. Brining does wonders, ya'll! Then we ready for the day and start welcoming guests around 1:30 in the afternoon. 

The night before, I whipped together this triple chocolate pumpkin pie, and it was a hit. I love taking a staple recipe and flipping it into something different and unexpected! Wednesday night, I also found myself piecing together our table's centerpiece. Take a look. It's my favorite tablescape to date!

Beautiful isn't it?! Fun fact, I'm more of ham person than I am a turkey person. So while this turkey is gorgeous, I'm looking forward to the Christmas ham! 

And wild beyond wild is how far along in the pregnancy we are! On Thanksgiving Day I was 35 weeks and 5 days along. Our little turkey's due date was exactly one month from Turkey Day. And how we can't wait to meet her! 

As the food finished up, the camera started to go away, and this part of the evening isn't very well documented. Can you blame us?! We had some incredible food to put away! Also the lighting is terrible at this time of day in the fall and winter months (someone teach me how to get better photos!). 

After dinner, husband and I picked up some, our guests headed home, and we changed into our pajamas to carry out a Hill tradition. Yes, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. We grabbed popcorn and hot cocoa mix before trekking across town to the other Hills' house to watch the movie. I'd say our Thanksgiving was pretty wonderful, and we ended it on a high note or at least a very funny one :)  Now it's time to deck the halls!!! Bring on Christmastime and our sweet girl's arrival!