Oh Baby! || Week 32

November 3, 2015

Oh my! Eight weeks (give or take) until this little miss makes her grand appearance! November is here, and baby girl's birth month is just around the corner. Our first birth class last week put so much into perspective, and I really loved the intro knowledge we gained. We have three more Wednesdays of classes, and before I know it I'll be making my way to the hospital for something much different than just a class. Husband and I are making sure to use November as our month to wrap all things up so that we can enjoy the holidays and not stress. Here's to getting what needs done finished up!

How far along? In the 32nd week

Baby's Size: A squash || approximately 17ish inches and anywhere from 2.5 to 3.8 pounds

Gender: Sweet girl! 

Baby Fact: Baby girl is prepping for arrival, and she is likely in the head-down position now. She's also probably feeling a bit cramped

Weight Gain: After stepping off of the scale at the doctor's office late afternoon last week, I was in total shock! This mama-to-be has now put on 21 pounds during pregnancy. Say what?! I know, I know, it's supposed to happen. Nonetheless, it's still a shocking number. And I'm guessing if I had been weighed in the morning before two meals and some water weight, I would probably be weighing around 19 pounds more. Either way, hello baby weight! I really can't complain about my weight gain during this pregnancy.

Baby's Movement: Because she is losing her wiggle room as she gets bigger, her movements aren't quite as fluttery. That doesn't mean she has given up moving, oh no! This girl of mine still loves to stick out her body parts, letting me know she's there. And as always, her favorite time to move is when I get in the bed for the night. 

Maternity Clothes: Some non-maternity clothes are working, but mostly it's all maternity clothes. Nonetheless, I prefer comfy clothes and pajamas to real clothes these days. 

Sleep: Because baby girl loves to move the most at night, and because she's also bigger in size, she is keeping me up at night. Fortunately, not all night, but I do feel her pushing out on my side whenever I am on my side. Occasionally, I am so tired when my head hits the pillow that not even her movements or the bathroom breaks wake me. 

Symptoms: The acid reflux is hanging on strong, my lower back is giving me grief, Braxton Hicks are no longer new news, and fatigue is coming back strong. My newest symptom is my hips giving way as my ligaments loosen. 

Cravings: I'm still chugging liquids and eating all of the pomegranate arils. And last night the craving for pickles, specifically gherkin pickles has resurfaced. 

Miss Anything? Getting off of a couch without help or a whole lot of maneuvering on my part. It takes quite a bit of effort these days!

Best Moment This Week: Feeling more of baby girl's body as she pushes out against my stomach. I love slightly pushing back on her and feeling her react to it. 

Worst Moment This Week: I can't say that I've necessarily had one. 

Looking Forward To: Our next birthing class. I love soaking up all that I can about what awaits us!

How's Husband? Getting so darn excited about our girl's arrival! Just when I think he can't get more excited, he's finding something new that has him giddy. Yes, I just called my husband giddy. We put together her swing on Sunday, and the joy for our girl was tangible. It's safe to say we're already head over heels for her! 

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