Pumpkin Patch Play

October 22, 2015

I'm a broken record when I express, yet again, my love for fall and all things that go along with it. Truly, nothing makes me giddier than this time of year, October through December, when the temperatures are cooling down, traditions are in full swing, and the holiday spirit is tangible. It's true love, really.

Growing up my family had certain holiday traditions, of which I plan to continue and add to as my family expands. One of our biggest traditions took place at the end of October, tagging our Christmas tree. Then we'd go back at the start of December to cut it down and haul it home. Growing up in a small, country town certainly has its perks when you consider the unique opportunities you get to experience. But, back to bringing this full circle...this tradition began with another family, the Huffmans, who owned the tree farm where we tagged and cut our tree. When Mr. Huffman retired, his niece started her own tree farm, and we smoothly transitioned right down the road. 

For as long as I can remember Joe's Trees has been a part of yearly, holiday traditions. So when the tree farm started a pumpkin patch, it made all the sense in the world to begin a new tradition. And that's how we began pumpkin patching every October. We began going just after marrying in 2013, and unintentionally our tradition must always include husband's brother's family. That's whom we first started going with, and three years later the five of us are still driving through the mountains to the patch together. Next year is going to be extra special when baby girl joins us!

If you ask me, there is something magical about a pumpkin patch. Maybe it's this one's mountain views and the feeling of being tucked away within the trees. Regardless, I can't get enough.

It felt extra wonderful this year to "bring" baby girl along. After all my years at this place, I get to introduce our girl to so many special traditions and pass along some of my favorite memories. Nostalgia, people. This must have been how my parents felt. 

 Babes in pumpkin patches give me all the feels. There is nothing sweeter. Don't even get me started on our girl amongst the pumpkins next year. I'll have a photographing field day!

Twins on twins....well not exactly. The two little guys are the official twins, while husband and his brother could just pass as twins even though they are four years apart in age. 

And we may not be actual blood related, sisters, but if you put our personalities side-by-side, you'd think otherwise! Over the last three years Amy and I have grown super close, resulting in a really wonderful and close relationship.

Couldn't you just take them all home?! The urge to not fill up a vehicle with as many pumpkins as you can possibly fit hasn't won yet....

But what did win out was taking home Cherry Apple Cider! We haven't cracked the jug open yet, and I'm thinking this weekend will be perfect for it! 

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