Day To Date Outfit

October 29, 2015

With baby girl so close to arriving, husband and I have been planning some date nights for the near future. We don't have too much time left before date nights have to be scheduled and a babysitter is called. So we're making the most of these last 9ish weeks. And one thing date night calls for is the perfect outfit. While most days I'm quick to jump into my pajamas or sweats as soon as I hit the door from work, the nights we have planned for dates will look different as I turn my work attire into something a little extra special.

D A Y 

Transitioning from day to date can be uncomplicated and quite simple. And right now simple is my kind of language; comfort is too. Especially at 31 weeks and 5 days along. Because not everything fits, and not everything is flattering at the moment. Which brings me to finding the right pieces of clothing to make you feel like a million bucks, without costing you a million bucks. Being flexible with your clothing and accessories is key to making your day/work outfit flow seamlessly into a date night ensemble.

First I pick my main piece, the star of the show. And it just so happens that dresses are my jam right now (the always are truthfully). They've got great flow, don't constrict, and look fabulous this time of year with tights and other layers. I went for this dress, which offers a lovely pop of color while being appropriate for work and fun for a night on the town.

For work I paired it with black maternity leggings, boots, a cotton vest, cognac braided belt, silver cuff, and drop necklace. As is, this outfit choice is perfection for an office job.

to   D A T E

To make it date night ready, I traded the leggings for knit tights (found in-store at Old Navy), swapped the boots for suede wedges, traded the cognac belt for a shiny silver one, added a headband, and put on a poncho instead of a vest for the chillier night air.

With just a few adjustments I went from work-ready to date night dressed. So how do you go from day to date?? I'd love some inspiration! Grab out graphic and and link-up with Rachel and I below for the Every Girl Series!

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