Babymooning Pt 2

October 15, 2015

Our babymooning adventures continued Friday afternoon with a trip to Hot Springs to check out the tiny town and the magnificent Homestead. Like I mentioned yesterday, fall was all over on our drives and the mountains were speckled with colorful trees. Originally, I thought I would make this post the last of my babymooning series, but there were more pictures than I thought (and I'd hate not to share almost all of them), so I opted to keep this post smaller with our Homestead adventures and bring Lexington to the blog next week! 

So take a step into Hot Springs, Virginia with a little tour of a beautiful place...

Stunning, right?? It's huge in person, while also being quaint. Don't ask me how that works, but it does.  The landscape and surrounding amenities really added to the charm.

Don't get me started on the homes that lead up to the hotel. I wanted to buy just about all of them, or at least take a tour inside. They are stunners!

For dinner we ventured back to the downtown area and stopped at Sam Snead's Tavern. The inside was just like what you would imagine an authentic tavern to be, and the food was incredible. If you're ever in the area and need a place to grab a bite, we recommend this restaurant. 

Husband picked the lamb burger and I went for the meatloaf. Both were exceptional! For dessert we tried beignets, but ultimately decided they weren't our favorite here. We agreed the cheesecake would have been the better option. 

After dinner, we headed out into the rain to venture back to Goshen for the night where we were created with cranberry oatmeal cookies for the night. Two desserts in one night never hurt anyone did it??

These next photos are of our trip to the Jefferson Pools in Warm Springs, Virginia, which we stopped at on our way home Sunday morning. From Goshen, you take the exact same road to get to the Homestead, who happens to own the Jefferson Pools. These natural warm springs were incredible! And I wish they were closer for a more regular visit. 

The water is naturally 98° and is full of natural minerals. There's a men's and women's pool, but the morning hours are deemed family time, allowing you to be in either pool. We definitley recommend going in the morning....because in the afternoon nudity is option (NO THANK YOU!) That and you have to stay in your designated pool, without your husband. Oh and did I mention you would be hanging out with other people who could be nakey?! I think I'll pass :)

An hour soak in the pools, floating on noodles was just the way we wanted to end our babymoon. Though extremely primitive, the pools are such a fun experience and if you can, visit them! 

The last set of photos from our babymoon are coming soon! I'll be sharing our Lexington adventures!