Fall Centerpiece DIY

September 24, 2015

Did you hear?? It's officially fall!!! And as you all know by now, I'm crazy for all things fall. My love for it runs deep, and I soak up every bit of this time of year. Autumn wouldn't be complete without my home being embellished with the coziness of this season. So while my mantles are laden with leaves, my tabletops are decked with pumpkins, and candles are crackling all around, I can't forget that my outdoor space needs some fallorizing too.

I love anything with a natural look, so putting together a craft to spruce up my front porch for fall was a no brainer. I used a lot of what you might find outdoors (except mine all came from Michaels) to create a sweet little, fall centerpiece. And whether you use it indoor or outdoors, it's a beautiful way to add a little fall flair to any tabletop.

You don't need a whole lot to make this DIY happen.

  • You'll Need
    • A medium size terra cotta pot
    • A medium, glass vase
    • Coiled berry garland
    • Bright green moss
    • A tall candle **(I already had this and had previously purchased it from Target)
    • Tissue paper
Like I said, I found everything I needed at Michaels. And I scored it all for 30% off my entire purchase + a 40% a regular price item (my berry garalnd). If you're looking at doing a DIY, make sure you find great deals. There's no need to pay full price for your craft projects! This project costs me $15 and some change.

Start out by stuffing the bottom of the clay pot with tissue paper. Build it up until the glass vases sticks 3/4 of the way out of the pot. 

Tuck more tissue paper around the vase to secure it. Also add some tissue paper to the vase so that candle is visible and not hidden in the pot. 

Continue to add tissue paper to the pot, securing the vase and creating a flat surface that is even with the lid of the pot. 

You'll use half of the bag of moss to cover all of the tissue paper and give the pot a natural, outdoorsy look perfect for this time of year. Make sure to press slightly on the moss to secure it in place. 

Lastly, unwind your berry garland and wrap it around the pot. Tuck it into the moss and move the little branches in all directions to give the pot a more dimensional look. 

Light your candle and enjoy! If you don't want to worry about lighting a candle, you could always opt for the electronic version. I am a huge fan of how this centerpiece turned out, and I think three or four of them would be lovely down the center of a dining room table (indoor or outdoor).

To see more of my fall décor, see HERE. Now share your home DIY with Rachel and I! Link up below for the Every Girl Link-Up. I'm looking forward to browsing through everyone's crafts and taking in some inspiration!