Steals, Deals, & Unexpected Finds

August 13, 2015

I'm always open to finding a good steal or deal. And now that baby is on her way, wherever we can save while still being able to enjoy a shopping trip here or there is what we like. I have to admit putting together this post was a bit of a challenge. I say this because it's more common for me to stumble upon a deal (like the end-of-aisle-clearance at Target) than it is for me to find it when I'm looking for something in particular. 

So I put together some of my favorite products from my favorite places in hopes of sending you in the direction of a steal, deal, or unexpected find. Let's see if my items do the trick...

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To wrap things up, I want to mention my favorite places to come across an unexpected find. I've already mentioned the end-of-aisle-clearance at Target, and boy do I love that! I almost always tend to find something online at World Market. Their sales are random (at least to me) and you just have to keep an eye out. For instance, I recently spruced up my dining room with new, boldly patterned curtains. How much did I pay for two panels??? I coughed up $27 for them, and that included tax and shipping. Those curtains typically run at $96 for two panels. Hello, steal! 

For jewelry, I love LOFT. And I've listed some of those great pieces. In-store in my town they have a little nook where you can find the extra discounted jewelry. I'm always sure to look there. Another thing I like to do is to look ahead seasonally for holiday items. Ballard Designs is a good place to scout items, however this year I've been disappointed when it comes to fall items. But last year, I scored two vine pumpkins for next to nothing. If you look after the holidays you're sure to find something at a great price too. 

Basically, just keep your eyes open and shop wisely. That's my biggest tip and one I tend to stick to! Whether you find a bargain or a similar copy to a more expensive piece, I think you're finding your deals!

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