Oh Baby! || Week 19

August 4, 2015

Hallelujah for using gender specific pronouns! It's been so much fun sharing baby girl's gender with everyone. And after 5 days of keeping the secret to ourselves, husband and I agree we'll never do that again. It's way too hard seeing as how we just wanted to shout the news as soon as we knew it. But, we do agree the gender reveal party (details coming tomorrow) was the best!

How far along? in my 19th week

Baby's Size: A mango || about 6 inches and about 8.5 ounces (our girl is half a foot long and over half a pound!)

Gender: Girl!! 

Baby Fact: Our girl is developing vernix to coat and protect her skin. She's also working on her five senses as her nerve cells develop in her brain. 

Weight Gain: Hanging out at two pounds gained. 

Baby's Movement: It just keeps getting stronger, and I love feeling her move throughout the day. It's easily the best part of pregnancy. I feel like husband will be able to feel her within the next week or so. After all, he should certainly get a chance to feel this girl's dance moves! 

Maternity Clothes: Gotta love them! I bought my first maternity dress last week and really love it. 

Sleep: This past Friday night I slept like a queen. I was so exhausted that I even slept through my normal, nightly bathroom break! Otherwise, sleep has been broken and I always feel like I can't get enough. I've got to figure it out. Any suggestions, ladies??

Symptoms: I'm experiencing indigestion these days, in addition to headaches. Back aches are also becoming more prevalent. And did I mention the foot and leg cramps? Those are certainly fun ;)

Cravings: I stay quite thirsty the entire day long. And I've been eating up fresh peaches that my in-laws brought us this weekend. I've never wanted peaches so much!

Miss Anything? Being able to do mild activity and not get out of breath. I'm so out of shape and the stairs don't mind telling me so. 

Best Moment This Week: Our gender reveal party with family and friends!

Worst Moment This Week: Feeling sleep deprived even after getting 8+ hours at night. 

Looking Forward To: Making progress on our registry. 

How's Husband? He is just the cutest when it comes to our girl. He randomly gets sappy about her and I think it's the sweetest. She's going to have him wrapped around her finger. And she's the luckiest to have him as a dad. 

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