Oh Baby! || 21 Weeks

August 18, 2015

Baby girl is loving the beach and so are her mama and daddy! It's wild that we're over the halfway mark and moving on at what feels like full speed! Her crib showed up just before we left last week, and we are excited to put it together once we're home! The baby registry is just about done, and then our attention will go to decorating baby Hill's nursery! 

How far along? In the 21st week 

Baby's Size: A pomegranate || about 10.5 inches according to my app and 15 oz as of our doctor appointment last Wednesday. Baby Hill is almost a pound!! 

Gender: Sweet girl! 

Baby Fact: She already has a lifetime's supply of eggs in her womb, about 6 million of them. How crazy and cool is that?! 

Weight Gain: With my appointment last week, the scale declared that I've put on 5 pounds now.

Baby's Movement: She's still a mover and a shaker! I am feeling her more and more these days and am excited for the day when her daddy can feel her wiggly little movements too! Just Sunday night I discovered that chocolate ice cream really gets her dancing around! It must be her favorite!

Maternity Clothes: The shirt I have on in these photos is my new favorite. It's a long tunic and it will be perfect during the fall and post baby too! I'm looking for more shirts like this!

Sleep: Not too terrible lately. I wake up just about every time I roll over because rolling over takes a bit more effort these days. Of course, my nightly bathroom breaks are still a regular part of my nightly/sleep routine. 

Symptoms: We found out last Wednesday that baby girl is hanging out super low! And that means she's quite cozy next to my bladder. The bathroom trips during the day have been insane! I almost always feel like I have to go, and it drives me nuts! Indigestion and lots of air in my torso have made things uncomfortable later in the day for me. Eating is also an interesting feat. By dinner time I can barely get food in. I'm already finding that there just isn't that much room; granted I wasn't a huge eater before, but this is a whole new ballgame. 

Cravings: I've never wanted sweets so badly in my life! I'd love a sample plate of hundreds of little desserts to nibble through. Don't take me to the grocery store hungry or I'll insist we get all the sweets. All of them

Miss Anything? Not having to go to the bathroom so frequently and often!

Best Moment This Week: I've got three:
  • The appointment last Wednesday was to see a specialist about baby girl's umbilical cord placement into the placenta. Our regular OB wanted better images taken than what they had available at the anatomy scan to see how her umbilical cord was positioned. Husband and I were worried to say the least, because that's what parents do and because we want nothing but good for our girl. With the amazing imaging at the specialist, the maternal/fetal medicine doctor was able to give us the great news that her umbilical cord is just where it should be, she looks fantastic, and he doesn't want to see us back! Prayers answered and a huge relief for husband and I!
  • We are on vacation and the relaxation is what I need. That and a tan! 
  • My third favorite was meeting our good friends' sweet baby girl! And oh my word is she precious! It was so very neat meeting our girl's future friend!

Worst Moment This Week: The crazy start to vacation (more on that next week).

Looking Forward To: Our appointment next week! 

How's Husband? He is in relaxation mode, which he 110% deserves! Every time baby girl moves, I try to get his hand in the right place to feel her. No luck, yet, but he's so looking forward to feeling his girl move. I've loved the talks we've had recently about what life will be like once she's here and how we should be trying our very best to enjoy this pregnancy in the present. To say we're over the moon about this blessing would be an understatement. 

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