Hour By Hour Weekend [August]

August 10, 2015

Happy Monday! Can anyone tell me where the weekend went? Anyone?? As with all good things, it came to an end. And certainly it came and went too fast! Luckily, I've got it documented for our monthly hour by hour weekend. Truth be told I wasn't quite so good at remembering to get photos this time around as compared to the other HBHW posts (oops). That's just real life for you!

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4:00 >> With the work week behind me, I started the weekend off with a Starbucks treat.

5:00 >> My mama treated us (+ my sister) to pedicures to prep our toes and feet for our upcoming family vacation. And it was just the kind of relaxing I needed.

6:00 >> We met up with our people for a little time at Steppin' Out 2015, and we had the best time. 

7:00 >> We snagged homemade rootbeer float (for him) and sparkling berry lemonade (for her) from one of the local vendors. 

8:00 >> On our way out of the street festival I scored some warm cinnamon sugar almonds. Can't go wrong with fair food, people! 

9:00 >> By this time we were in bed and watching some t.v. before turning in. And like always, I hadn't finished my Starbucks, so I had it before bed. Fun fact, caffeine has little to no affect on me, which means I can have it before bed and still fall asleep without a problem.  


8:00 >> You know those mornings where your bed is just so comfortable and you don't want to get out of it?! Well, that's all mornings for me, but Saturday was no exception. 

11:00 >> Between 8 and 11, I was getting ready for the day, driving to my hometown, and arriving at my cousin's bridal shower.

2:00 >> A lot of family was at the shower, which meant I pretty much completely forgot about taking pictures and lost myself in spending time with them. So there's a large chunk of time not documented here. Just know we played games, ate brunch-like foods, and had a good time! 

3:00 >> My mom, sister, and I were headed to Roanoke for a dress fitting and to do a little baby shopping. Lunch looked a lot like this. Because it was.

4:00 >> Baby girl clothes are swoon worthy. I don't know how I'm supposed to contain myself from buying one of everything.

7:00 >> And here's another huge lapse in time. Between 4 and 7, the three of us were in a dress fitting (my sister is a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding), more baby shopping, and traveling home. We pulled up outside of my house only for me to discover that I'd left my keys inside. #pregnancybrain  Husband had gone to grab our carry-out dinner, thus no one was home to let us in. So we hung out and chatted in my mom's car until he got back home. 

9:00 >> Shocker, another lapse in time! We had pizza with my mom and sister before they headed home. Then we headed to bed, but not without watching some Gilmore Girls first! 

S U N D A Y 

9:00 >> At this time we were supposed to be finishing up our morning getting-ready-routine before heading to church. But, I woke up not feeling so well. So instead I slept a bit longer and let my day start out slowly...with a latte that is.

10:00 >> After lounging for a bit, I worked on my table center piece for fall. Who doesn't love pumpkins?! These five beauts ended up in the wooden box husband built almost two years ago. 

11:00 >> I was working on a grocery list with husband and meal planning for the week. Fun fact, I order my grocery list the same way the aisles are laid out at the store. It makes it a breeze to get in and out without forgetting something!

12:00 >> We were arriving back home from the grocery store. I love a quick trip to the store + a strong man to carry all my groceries inside!

1:00 >> We had lunch and tried out of our first donut peach. I loved it! They're super soft and fairly sweet. You can't necessarily tell it from this angle, but a donut peach is shaped lice a saucer, giving it its name. 

2:00 >> I was baking butterscotch maple no bake cookies for a treat throughout the week. Simple, no fuss baking for my Sunday!

3:00 >> I was sanding my heart out for a project that has been in the talks for 10 months. We've had plans to build two ends tables to match the look of our console table, and it's finally happening! Hallelujah!

4:00 >> We were still in the garage working on the side tables. Stay tuned for the final project!

5:00 >> I treated myself to an Epsom salt soak in the whirlpool tub. Sparkling white grape juice goes really well with that ;) #pregnancymusts

6:00 >> We gobbled up a new crock-pot recipe! Husband and I have declared Sundays as crock-pot dinner days. It gives us the freedom to do more in the day without stopping to make dinner. And we both figure it will be a great tradition once children are added to the mix. Tonight it was potato soup for the win! I'll be sharing the recipe soon!

8:00 >> There was some over-due laundry folding going on.

9:00 >> In the bed and blogging! 

And there's my weekend! How was yours??

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