Afternoon Snack

August 6, 2015

Don't mind the fact that I already have a pumpkin (or multiple) out at my house. Really, are you surprised?? Yesterday evening after getting home from work, husband and I sat down on our front porch to enjoy a little snack before moving on with the to-dos of the rest of the day. I think this is a tradition I'd like to keep going, seeing as it gave us time just to be together, share our days, and jump on the same page for the remainder of the day. It didn't hurt we had delicious snacks too!

Kauffman's Fruit Farm sent me this great package of apple goodies, and husband and I were eager to dig in. Seeing as how I'm quite obsessed with fall, these apple treats were perfect for my fall-loving self. And as I'm more of a sampler kid of gal (think a bunch of appetizers at dinner), this box was ideal for a variation of treats to try!

Apple butter has been a long time favorite of mine. And this spread did not disappoint. We topped it on quartered toast for a sweet treat. And I can see this at our breakfast table for weekends to come. 

I surprised myself by loving these apple schnitz. I can be quite particular about texture, and while husband was adamant about these being delicious and a favorite of his, I was more reserved. Nonetheless I gave them a try and actually liked them. They weren't too squishy and had just the right flavor, not too sweet and not too sour or bland. 

In this house we share, and after taking my first sample bite, I offered them over to husband. He loved them just like he claimed he would. The Hills are fans of the schnitz!

In addition to the apple butter spread and apple schnitz, we also received two red apples. They were perfection! I love a good apple, and I was happy to bite into this juicy and sweet red apple. 

Like I said, our afternoon snack seems like a good tradition to start and continue. Especially if we've got tasty snacks to gobble up :) Kauffman's Orachard Sampler Gift Box is great for snack time, a picnic, or as a sweet gift for someone, especially if you're spreading the fall cheer :)

How would you turn an afternoon snack into a fun tradition for you and yours??

Disclosure: I am partnering with Kauffman’s Fruit Farm as a blog ambassador. I have received these Kauffman’s Fruit Farm products for free; however, all opinions remain my own.