Oh Baby! || Week 13

June 23, 2015

Woohoo, just this week stands between me and the second trimester!! It feels huge to me, like the biggest hurdle is being jumped! I can't believe how fast time has been moving, and that this pregnancy is a third of the way over. I know, right, that's insane isn't it it?! I'm so looking forward to this next part of pregnancy, to feeling better and really enjoying this sweet time as a pregnant gal. 

How far along? 13th week

Baby's Size: A peach || about 3 inches and about 0.81 ounces

Gender: We've got the date set to find out!

Weight Gain: None to-date. And I have to say I was relieved after stepping off the scale at the doctor's office. I know the weight gain is coming, and I'm okay with that. After all I am growing a baby :) But it was my goal to make it through the first trimester without putting anything on, and after the wacky food cravings/aversions and junk food consumption I'm glad I accomplished that. 

Maternity Clothes: Hallelujah for maternity pants!! I've never loved pants so much! On Friday I bought my first pair, and couldn't be happier. They fit great, make me feel great, and my belly thinks they're great. Other than that I'm still working with my non-maternity tops and dresses. I'm really looking forward to shopping for more maternity fashion!

Sleep: It's gotten better. I feel myself gaining more energy (hello, quickly approaching 2nd trimester!). Sleep disruption is still a nightly thing between bathroom breaks, weird pregnancy dreams, and waking myself by rolling over. For the time being I'm trying to sneak in as much belly sleeping as I can. It's slowly starting to get uncomfortable (whatever will I do once I can't anymore?!). 

Symptoms: I'm happy to report that the nausea is not such a common occurrence. It still creeps up on me though, and I'm certainly looking forward to it being gone for good. Stretching is still certainly happening, stomach pangs are a thing, and a nap every now and then is always good for combating the bit of fatigue that is still hanging around. And lately, if I eat to the point of being really full then I end up super uncomfortable. It's like there just isn't the room that there used to be and I have to stop eating sooner. I learned my lesson after a couple of too full episodes!

Cravings: I'm still digging salty foods. Normally I've got a huge sweet tooth, but not so much these days. Pregnancy has definitely been changing up my tastes and preferences. For instance, as a child I didn't like Sunny D at all, but now I crave it. 

Miss Anything? Being able to eat normally. Between food aversions and my newest avoidance of getting too full, meal times just aren't the same. 

Best Moment This Week: We had a routine appointment yesterday, and although there was no ultrasound (big bummer) we did get to hear our little one's heartbeat. And even better, my mom got to join us and hear it too. It was really nice to be able to share that with her. Hearing that sweet beat is good for my mama heart and husband's too. 

Worst Moment This Week: Really there hasn't been one. The 13th week has started off swell, and I think it will continue as such. 

Looking Forward To: This weekend husband and I are traveling north a little ways to meet one of my sweet blogger friends! I'm super excited for the weekend!

How's Husband? This guy of mine is incredible. He takes the time to listen to all my pregnancy complaints, anxieties, excitements, etc. And he shares his too. It's the smallest gestures that make the biggest impact for me right now. Like setting aside several hours to just nap with me and hold me yesterday because I was feeling emotionally drained and sick. Husband loves me well, and this little babe too :)