The Pick: Week 21

May 29, 2015

TGIF! Don't you love a four-day work week?! I wish it would become the standard. I'll keep dreaming till it happens. I must say I've been counting down the days until this weekend. You see, it  kicks off our family vacation, and I couldn't be happier for some time in the sun, sleeping in, and kicking my feet up. A little escape is just what I need. Husband and I have been prepping all know buying the necessary snack foods for the trip down, pulling out the bathing suits and beach towels, and cleaning the fridge out. You know we've been doing all things beach prep. 

I must say this week was a fun one for me. Husband and I have been reveling in the excitement of our baby news being out. It's just been the best to share our sweet babe with everyone. Even now, neither of us can believe the blessing we've been given. In the good, bad, and ugly God is good. He's always good, and this season of life has certainly shown us that.

And did I mention how good it feels to let this tiny bump out?! Sucking in just doesn't cut it anymore. At times it looks like I've just overeaten, and I'm sure there will be those who think the same thing as I pass by. But, I love this little belly so much, and I'm so joyful to be sporting it, even if it does look like I ate a large pizza all by myself :)

As for the photo of the cherries, well I just love them. And you can only enjoy them this time of year. Let's just say you'll find cherries in my fridge all summer long! I hope you and yours have one fabulous weekend! 

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