An Announcement!

May 26, 2015

This may make my very favorite post of all time! If you haven't hit 'play' on the film above, I'm about to spoil the ending for you...

Husband and I have kept our lips sealed for what seems like forever, but today we finally get to share our very best news. News we didn't think we would get to share this soon. News that has filled our hearts with so much joy. News that has shown us God's amazing sovereignty and faithfulness. Come December, we'll be growing from a family of two to a family of three as we welcome a sweet babe! Us. The two of us. We are expecting (well I'm the pregnant one), and it feels like the greatest gift has been bestowed upon us. If you can't tell, we're over the moon!

After our miscarriage with our first pregnancy, I feared so much when it came to starting our family. Would we struggle to become pregnant again? Would we miscarry again? Would be ridden with anxiety the entire pregnancy? There were so many questions and worries. And God knew that, He always knows. Even the fears I didn't express out loud, He knew, because He knows my heart. 

You may or may not know that after a miscarriage there is a chunk of recovery time. We waited through it, enjoying our time as just us two and eating all the things I couldn't while pregnant. Bring on Mexican cheese dip, subs loaded with sandwich meats, Starbucks drinks full of caffeine, and so on. Once we found peace in our miscarriage, we were able to move forward, to trust in God's will for our lives, and forage ahead. 

Fast forward to April 18, a Saturday morning unladen with plans. My intuition had been hinting at something being off. That my body wasn't where it should be in the sixth week after the miscarriage. While I didn't think I could possibly be pregnant, I wanted to rule it out. It didn't help that I woke Saturday morning with a very distinct dream I had at some point in the night or early morning. A dream where husband and I had a baby boy in December. After sharing my dream with husband, he felt certain we should grab a pregnancy know just to be sure. 

So we did. I took the test, and we waited three minutes. To burn the time quickly, we made the bed. And when the time was right, I suggested husband look at the test first. If you can only imagine our utter shock. What?! Us, expecting a baby?? It felt like a dream and also like the twilight zone. How in the world was I pregnant?

The Lord is GOOD. He walked through the deepest valley with us, never forsaking us, and showing up in unexpected ways. He heard my quiet cries, knew the heartache I was baring. His time is everything, and even in the bad, the Lord brings about good for His glory.

Husband and I coped with the fact that 2015 wasn't the year we would have a baby. We accepted it, and started making new plans for a very different year. But, our great, big, awesome God, knew otherwise. He knew better. And it turns out we will have a sweet babe at the close of this year. How amazing, absolutely amazing?!

Sweet baby Hill, we can't wait to meet you! You're our miracle and a testament to God's faithfulness.