The Pick: Week 16 + Friday Favorites

April 24, 2015

Woohoo, it's Friday!!! And husband and I are headed to Charlotte for no good reason. Don't you just love quick, impromptu trips?! I do, and I'm so excited we're taking a little break from life to head to the Carolinas for a laid back weekend and dinner with one of my favorite blogging gals! Are you curious, who I'm meeting?! Stay tuned next week to see who I'll be dining with tonight! 

Can you tell I'm in a good mood? Because I certainly am! This week flew by, and it was just a darn good week in and of itself. I hope your week was just as fabulous, and if not that your weekend makes up for it :)

Now for rounding up the favorites from this week...

[one] This is my new favorite motto, and what a better reminder than this Vine + Branches sign?! I have loved looking at this sweet saying every morning as I get ready. 

[two] Dining downtown in our quaint little town is the best, especially when the temperatures are just right and your people are joining you.

[three] A fresh table setting and flowers never hurt. I love a new look and fresh scents! If only flowers lived forever. Am I right, or am I right??

[four] My new gallery wall in the dining room is the bee's knees! Soon enough I'll be sharing some tutorials for my gallery walls and how I put them together. Plus, I'll be sharing my dining room on my Home Tour series! And if you run, or just click THIS link then you can enter the giveaway for the "Give me Jesus" sign by Vine + Branches!

[five] God's goodness has amazed me to my core this week. His faithfulness has no limits nor boundaries. I love that in the downpour on Monday, He sent His sweet promise in a way I could see it. How good is it that we can have such a close relationship with Him?!

[six] A cup of joe, especially from Starbucks is always a favorite! Not to mention look at those succulents! We still need to build a box for them, but in the meantime they're adorning the top of our outdoor table. One day we'll get that 'to-do' done!

[seven] Sometimes there's nothing I love more than warm weather, windows down, open fields full of lush green grass, and longer days. Spring is the best, don't you agree?! Except for those pesky allergies. And ya'll I'm normally struck with crazy bad allergies, but they haven't hit this year. I'm not sure if it's from all the rain washing the fresh pollen away, if the pollen just hasn't come out in full force, or if it's my lucky year! Either way, I'll pray for your allergies and you pray mine never show up :)

[eight] My guilty pleasure is watching Bravo. I know, I know. But I can't help it. Anywho, Southern Charm's opening music is my favorite, and I love the sound. So I found the entire song and then ended up purchasing it on iTunes. I think this will put a little pep in your step to kick of the weekend. Tell me you don't like it :)

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