The Pick: Week 15 + Friday Favorites

April 17, 2015

This week has been icky. Icky and weird. Between the rain and days that have been way off, I'm ready to say goodbye to this week. I don't think it helps that it's been a rainy, chilly, and dreary week. Spring where did you go? I'm praying for sunshine this weekend, and am hopeful the man upstairs will answer. I could use a good dose of vitamin D. How about yourself?

Even though this week had pits, there were also some peaks. And we should always look for the good, shouldn't we? So I'm doing just that and sharing the highs of the week with you. Today I'm keeping it short and sweet.

[one] Bright accents are everything. They can take a place from zero to fab in an instant. I have this rule...your big pieces, like furniture, should be fairly neutral. But as far as your accents and other décor are concerned, you can get as spunky and colorful as you like.

[two] Cactuses and succulents are my favorites. I'm not in possession of a green thumb to say, so these plants make my home cheerful and life easy. They also give me a pseudo green thumb. Not to mention they're beautiful plants and really brighten up a space. 

[three] A pretty salad always needs its picture taken. For dinner one night this week, husband and I tried out a new brand of packaged salad, and I fell in love. I can't remember the name, but the combo included kale, cabbage, some other greens, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and poppyseed dressing. SO good.

[four] I discovered Chick-fil-a vanilla iced coffee this week, and found a new love. It was delicious, and I fear that I will have to refrain myself from making even more frequent trips to Chick-fil-a than normal. Hello, their fries and chicken sandwiches are my favorite! But, really, if you haven't tried this iced coffee, get going already! Your life will never be the same :)

[five] Our home office is finally complete, and I love the oasis we've created in this space. I shared on Tuesday that I'm starting a Hour Tour series on the blog, where I'll be sharing different rooms of my home over the coming months. I kicked it off with our home office makeover! Such a fun reveal! And thank you all for your sweet comments! 

p.s. If you're looking for some super cute and FREE wall art, then you definitely need to visit that post because I share where I found the pieces hanging on my office wall!

[six] The lemon poppyseed kick is still going on. I just can't help it, that combo is too good. You can find my recipe for homemade lemon poppyseed french toast on Monday's post!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend with you and yours! Happy Friday! xo

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