The Pick: Week 14 + Friday Favorites

April 10, 2015

Happy Friday! I hope you're ready for a photo dump! This is your warning, if you don't want to see a bunch of photos from my week, stop here. But, if you love photos as much as I do then keep scrolling and check out all of my favorites! Plus, there's a surprise at the bottom of this post and it might just be a giveaway....just saying....

[one] Last Saturday was spent prepping a lot for Easter Sunday. You know, making sure the house was clean and ready for guests, Late afternoon we stopped though and headed over to our friends' home for our second Supper Club. It was a fabulous Saturday and time spent with friends! 

[two] Fresh flowers are my love language and I'd fill my house with them if it fit into our budget. So when I do get the chance to use fresh flowers in my own arrangements, I'm all over it. This was no exception as I went to town on a flower display for my Easter table setting. Rachel suggested that I share how I put my flowers together, so I'm brewing up a post for it. Stay tuned! 

[three] Here's a sneak peak of those flowers put all together (you scan seem them below and in a handful of the following pictures). Easter was beatiful and I'm so thankful for a Savoir who loves so big that He would give his life for mine and for yours. I'm also grateful that I got to celebrate the special day with my family. See it all HERE.

[four] This guy is always my favorites. I'll be getting sappy a few more scrolls down. This is your waning. 

[five] Desserts are absolute favorite of mine. And so is lemon poppyseed anything! Yesterday I shared the recipe for the homemade lemon poppyseed cake with fresh strawberry buttcream that I made for Easter. If you make it, tell me how it turns out!

[six] Picnics on warm weather days are the best. Husband and I stole ourselves away from work for a lunchtime treat in the sunshine. 

[seven] This shirt is the best. Not only does it speak the truth, but it's printed on a baseball tee, my absolute favorite. Husband got one too. His sleeves are charcoal and mine are a hunter green. So we won't be twinning too hard. But, if you see us on Saturday we'll most likely be matching :)

[eight] Two vacations have officially been planned for the summer! Hallelujah, beaches, warm weather, sand, and beautiful cities here we come! In all the planning I was having flashbacks of my very favorite vacation of all time. Go look at them!

[nine] A favorite of mine as always been to open the mailbox and find a magazine subscription inside. This week was one of those weeks. And to top it off, the magazine cover and I were color coordinating.

[ten] The trees are really starting to bloom here in Virginia! I love when they get to this stage, full of blooms and looking like trees full of popcorn! It's one of my favorite parts of spring!

[eleven] Bring on the sappy gushing over this man of mine. We are one another's best friend, we're also fighters (yes, we argue; who doesn't), we're laughers, we're supporters, we're encouragers, we're fun, and we're more in love with each other every day. #thisismarriage #allisfairinloveandwar #iwouldnthaveitanyotherway

[twelve] As the warm arrives, there are more and more thunderstorms. I have always loved thunderstorms, from the loud booms to the bright streaks of lightening. They've fascinated me since childhood and all these years later still do. I love that they roll in fast and just as quickly roll right through and out. 

[thirteen] It's no secret that I love succulents! So while husband and I were aimlessly strolling through Home Depot late Wednesday night, we happened upon these beauties. It was love at first site and they had to come home with me. Husband couldn't deny me, so he went along with my impulse need for these beauties. He even agree to build me a flower box form pallet boards for our back deck. I'm still swooning over too??

[fourteen] Not to be a broken record, but flowers are my love language through and through. A certain someone knows this **ahem, husband** and he surprised me with two fresh bouquets last night when I got home from work. His reason...just because. Don't you love that?! I sure do!

I'll stop my gushing now and get on to some exciting news! 

A GIVEAWAY! I've teamed up with some charming blogging gals to bring you the chance to win an Influence Conference Ticket and $300 in PayPall Cash for Travel! How exciting?! The giveaway will be live for a week, and anyone who wants to attend the conference can enter.  

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If you've hung in through this post, you know what's next/last! 

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