Snippets Of Life Lately

April 28, 2015

Life around the Hill household has been busy! We've got husband wrapping up his first spring semester of graduate school, which means lots of projects and final exams. Add that to two full-time jobs (both of us), home chores, scheduled engagements, etc,, and you've got some crazy busy people. But we can't complain, this season of life will be coming to a close in just over a week and half, when the semester ends. And then bring on the beach!!

Let's talk about spring...we thought spring had sprung, but lately it's been chilly and windy around these parts. The two of us are looking forward to much warmer temps and time spent out on our deck grilling and hanging out with friends. While I haven't been crazy about all the rain April has seen, I do love all the flowers blooming from it. And with spring, there comes all the outdoor activities, like church league softball, and who doesn't love sitting with the gals, chatting, and spending time together while watching your husband play ball?! I've got to say, I love it! 

Spring has also inspired some new home decor, like accent pillows. Don't worry, I'm not adding to my loot of pillows, but instead recovering the ones I already have. The new pillows have really brought some brightness to our living room. I'd say DIY projects are perfect for this time of year! 

I hope your spring has been good, that in the business of life you've had time to relax and spend some quality time with your people! Keep scrolling to see who the winner of the Vine + Branches Giveaway is!!

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