The Pick: Week 11 + Friday Favorites

March 20, 2015

Happy First Day of Spring!! Technically spring rings in at 6:46 this evening (just see for yourself), but as far as I'm concerned it's already official. Oddly, enough after a week and half of beautiful, sunny, warmer weather, it snowed yesterday. At points it was really falling; then the snow would taper off to flurries, and this repeated from the early afternoon through late evening. I guess it needed to make one last winter appearance. Rain is in the forecast today, and the temperatures are rising again. I'm praying the rain holds off so we can enjoy a college baseball game with friends tonight. Pray with me? :)

This week has been good. Husband and I are finding our routines again, and settling back into life. We're not caught up completely to our normal speed, but we're getting there. If only I could find my energy again; I'm hopeful it's coming back. But, back to this week and what it brought.

Husband and I have been finishing our home up. That means getting the furniture needed to complete our rooms and spaces. This week has been a lot of that. And while that has been a job, it's been so much fun too. So here are some of the favorites from my week...

[one] Grandmom's butterscotch pie. Last Friday, husband and I, along with my mom and sister, went to my her house for takeout Chinese, her homemade pies (there was cherry too), and cards. At 91 years old, she took the time to make my favorite pie because she knew it's what I wanted, and that's what she could do to comfort me. I love that lady.

[two] New curtains + Starbucks. Starbucks + New curtains. Either way you put it, I love both. And on Saturday I got both. It was pretty swell. 

[three] Had I not needed these Lucky Charms marshmallows for some St. Patrick's Day themed rice krispies treats, I would have just eaten them. I always wanted to do that as a kid, so maybe one day as an adult.

[four] We always have the best intentions to get to church early on Sundays. But, it never fails that we are almost always late. We run out of the house (literally) and eat our breakfast in the car on the way. Last Sunday it was poptarts. 

[five] A clean desktop and pretties atop it. I work so much better when the clutter has been dealt with. Also when there's cold coffee. #howIblogbest

[six] Snail mail and packages of cheerful goodies. To see what's in this cute package Nelle sent me, head to yesterday's post!

[seven] Sunnies and an open sunroom. Seventy degree temperatures sure did feel lovely earlier this week.

[eight] I love hosting, and on our Saturday our house was the spot for our first Supper Club. I had the best time putting the entire meal together and keeping to a St. Paddy's Day theme. Bring on more supper clubs and amazing themes!

[nine] Anything holiday is my favorite!

[ten] Again with the clean desktop (I've been good at keeping things tidy this week). But this time my favorite are the notebooks. I'll be sharing where I found them next week. Don't you love how bright and colorful they are?! Not to mention that candle was leaving me in a spring smelling haze. So wonderful!

[eleven] Lamentations 3:22-23 has been so good for in the past several weeks, so when She Reads Truth was offering this print for sale I knew I it belonged in our bedroom. It serves as the beautiful reminder of where I am in healing and coping with miscarriage to where God is taking me. 

[twelve] Longer days and bluer skies. They bring me joy and the excitement for all the things the spring and summer will hold.

[thirteen] Baking is my jam. And when you've got a box of cake mix, cupcake liners, and icing laying around your house, there is no better option than to bake!

And these are just a few of my favorite things. This weekend is going to be good, and I hope it is for you as well! xoxo

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