Supper Club || Wear Your Green

March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day, all! I never do remember what exactly this day is in celebration of, and I'm always needing a good reminder. If you do too, then head HERE for all the facts. 

Okay, feel refreshed as to why we don green on this day, eat cookies shaped like shamrocks, and eat corned beef and cabbage?? Good because Husband and I along with our friends did all of the above on Saturday. But, we didn't just gather around in our green for St. Patrick's Day. No, we all go together for our first Supper Club, which had a St. Paddy's theme. 

How fun does Supper Club sound?? A few months ago while eating dinner with our friends, we shared this idea and everyone was on board. We decided that we would alternate hosting and picking out fun themes. Husband and I had the first month and with St. Patrick's Day so close, it was the obvious choice for our theme. What's not to love about turning all of your food green, sporting it yourself, and making a meal with a whole lot of Irish flair?! See for yourself...

As with all parties, the perfect drink is a must. So are the straws, and in this case apple slices in the shapes of shamrocks to adorn the side of the drinks. Our drink was a mix of sparkling white grape juice, lemonade, and a hint of pineapple juice. Amanda whipped it together for me while I finished up with the appetizers. To get the green look, a few drops of food coloring did the trick. It turned out wonderfully!

Cheers! Us gals glad in our green, shamrock punch in hand. 

Husband and I happened upon some green tomatoes in the grocery store earlier last week. We knew immediately that we would be serving fried green tomatoes as an appetizer for Supper Club, and I'm so glad we did! It was a sweet taste of summer!

Another one of our appetizers were these cute mini corn cake fritters. They're so good, and perfect for any occasion. 

While we munched on appetizers and talked, husband and I finished up with dinner. We had corned beef with an optional apricot glaze, whipped mashed potatoes, and pan-seared cabbage. SO good, and so spot on for a St. Paddy's Day Supper Club!

The men in their green and necklaces ;) They were such good sports for wearing them with us!

I'm telling you, this meal was awesome. And that's big coming from someone who's not a huge meat connoisseur. I surprised myself by liking the corned beef so much! 

Of course, no Supper Club would be complete without dessert. We had lucky charm rice krispies treats and shamrock butter cookies.

After dinner we settled on playing the game of Life, which taught us many life having the most money makes you the winner **note my sarcasm**. We had so much fun joking as we played this game.

Now, go grab your friends and start a Supper Club ASAP! It's so much fun and the perfect excuse to make sure you're getting together with your people at least once a month. The way we've decided to run our Supper Club is to rotate who hosts, always set a fun theme, and enjoy our time together. It's easy, it's incredibly awesome, and I recommend it to anyone!

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