Over The Weekend

March 31, 2015

The good news, we made it past Monday! The bad news, it's only Tuesday. Who's calling out for the weekend?? Last weekend started off with a little extra sleeping. Thank the heavens for time to sleep in, and oh how I'd love for more opportunities to catch some extra zzz's. Raise your hand if you're with me!

The struggle was real, and getting out of bed wasn't a major priority. We were slow to rise, eat breakfast, and ready for the day. But, we're firm believers that the weekend is about relaxing and tossing the schedule out of the window. By late morning we were on our way, and it looked like a trip to The Bread Basket in Floyd, a local country bakery and deli, where husband and I grabbed made-to-order sandwiches, a jar of black bean & corn salsa, chips, a mini pie to split, and candy. 

When all this candy is staring you in the face and the prices are great, how do you turn it down? You don't; you let yourself indulge for once and just go for it. 

Lucky for me, husband doesn't like these banana candies, which is perfectly okay with me. In a bag of runts, these along with the pink ones are my favorites. So to have just a bag of the banana flavored makes me terribly happy. And selfishly I don't even have to share them! 

Too bad husband loves coffee too, because I'd love to keep this bag of coffee and cream espresso beans all to myself. They are SO good! I have never had coffee beans that are so darn amazing. I think it must be the cream. #coffeedreamsaremadeofthese

After we got back home, husband focused on some grad school work, and I went to work on making pillows. Until the sewing machine had a meltdown, which caused me to have a meltdown. I've discovered just how fragile I am over the little things in the last month, and this was one of those times. The sewing machine not working did me in (plus a couple of other small things) and left me feeling unreasonably upset. Husband came to the rescue and planned the evening around comfort things. Bless him. First it was a trip to Target (yes, ya'll I love that place enough for it to be a comfort activity), pizza from Papa John's for dinner, followed by a movie at the new movie theater in town. 

This theater took us back to our Maryland days and dates to the Alamo Drafthouse for movies. We're really excited to visit this theater a lot and take advantage of it! 

As Sundays go, first there was church followed by a trip to the grocery store, tidying up around the house, a quick lunch, and then a trip to Starbucks where we settled in to work. Husband again chomped away at school work while I plunged head long into all things blog. And I have some exciting things in the works! 

Sometimes I think there's nothing better than a little coffee date with my guy. Even if we are working separately we still get to share a cup of joe, sit across from one another, and play footsie under the table :)

When we arrived home that evening around 6ish, I noticed the budding trees for the first time. It made my heart soar to see spring so tangibly. And I can't wait for the trees to be full of lush green leaves! Who doesn't love watching Mother Nature awake from her winter sleep?! 

I hope your weekend was lovely, even if there were hiccups. Mine turned out wonderfully, even if a sewing machine got in the way for just a bit. I guess it goes to say that you can always turn a bad day around....especially if you have a super sweet husband!