How To: Fancy Cupcake Icing

March 25, 2015

Confession time: I'm a perfectionist. Truer than true, I'm a type A, perfectionist with over-achieving ambitions. But, I have my moments when my over-achieving, perfectionist walls come down and I feel like taking a simpler route. Last Thursday was one of those times; I decided that instead of making an extravagant dessert, simple cupcakes would satisfy my baking urge. After all, the box and the can of icing were already in my pantry. 

So I whipped up your standard, but ever so cheerfully-spring cupcakes. They were easy, and sure enough my baking craving was taken care of. Then my over-achieving, perfectionist of a self appeared, and I decided that spreading the icing over the cupcakes, as I've always done when baking from-the-box cupcakes, just wouldn't do. 

I came up with the perfect (I would use that word, wouldn't I?) way to finish up my treats with an over-achieving flair that really didn't take all that much effort. 

Ya'll, it's so easy to give your cupcakes a professional look while using a can of icing. All you do is scoop all of the icing into a zip-lock baggie. Seal it tightly, then snip off a small bit of one of the corners. Essentially you're now ready to "pipe" the icing onto your cupcakes.

Starting on the outside of a cupcake, gently squeeze the bag, and move the cupcake circularly, until you have piped icing all the way into the center. 

And just like that your cupcakes not only look professional, but even homemade! And when the icing also comes with sprinkles, it's double the win! So if you're in a hurry, need to whip up a dessert quickly, or just want to bake but don't have a ton of time, this is the way to do it! Your cupcakes will look fabulous! 

**if you do pipe the icing on, you'll need at least two cans of icing; with this method you use much more icing than if you just spread it on. 

Do you have any baking tips?? I'd love to hear them if so! I'm always in the market for a new baking trick!

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