The Pick: Week 5 + Friday Favorites

February 6, 2015

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Now back to normal posting....

Who's rejoicing that it's Friday?! Yep, me too! This weekend is so needed and I'm looking forward to some leisure time. And husband's parents are headed into town for the weekend so there be plenty of family time had.

The best part...the temperatures are supposed to reach 55° and it's going to be heavenly after the bitter weather we've been having. I wish I could sunbathe and soak in a glowing tan...but, that's not going to happen yet. Um, summer where are you??

Now for my favorite moments from the past week. And there have been some good ones!

[one] I kicked the weekend off with a morning trip to the hair salon for a lighter colored ombré to complement my darker roots. I went with a subtle ash blonde, and I'm a firm believer in the fun of new hair. Plus, look at this salon and the cup of coffee in my hand. 

[two] Saturday night my sister came over for dinner and Gilmore Girls time. Husband watched with us, and although he'll never quite admit how much he enjoyed it, he definitely did. Let's be honest, who could resist Gilmore Girls??

[three] On Sunday husband and I worked on a handful of DIY projects. One of which was turning these glass tiles into the prettiest stenciled coasters.

[four] I also put the finishing touches on my Valentine's décor. Don't you love a good excuse to put holiday decorations up?!

[five] Sunday also = the Super Bowl. And there was cooking to be had. Husband and I whipped up some cheesy twice baked potatoes to take to our House Group Super Bowl watching shindig. Really the snacks and the commercials are the best part. At least that's what I'm in it for.

[six] This guy is always my favorite. And I love having him by my side to share the best and worst of life. It's during the little moments that I recognize just how lucky I am to call him mine.

[seven] Meet our new magazine/receipt/coupon rack that husband built from reclaimed wood. It's the perfect addition to our dining room/kitchen, and I'll be sharing how you can make your own next week.

[eight] I had the best time putting together these ideas for little Valentine's gifts. I love any reason to give a gift!

[nine] I'm obsessed with the red/pink Starburst minis right now. Husband is too, and we may or may not have consumed two bags (they're small!) already.

[ten] The sunshine that streams through my windows in the evenings. With the cold weather, I have loved spending the afternoon/evening time in my window soaking in all the toasty heat. 

[eleven] Who saw this Saved by the Bell reunion that Jimmy Fallon did? How good was it?! My sister and I grew up watching that show, and I'm impressed with how the cast looks like they haven't aged a bit. I can't say quite the same for Mr. Belding, but I do still love his crazy laugh. 

I hope your week was full of favorites! And I hope you have one fabulous weekend, friends!!

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