DIY Stenciled Coasters

February 3, 2015

DIY projects are one of my favorite ways to spend free time. I'm always trying to come up with a new craft idea. Sometimes I'll look to other original projects for inspiration. And in this case, I took a look at the modge podge coasters I made a couple of years ago. They worked well for us, but after the drinks had condensed enough onto them, the modge podge began wearing off, leaving the paper exposed, which ended up really messed up. 

Last week I decided I was sick of looking at them, and figured it was time to replace them with a new set. I originally thought I would just modge podge again (look at me falling into my own trap), but while selecting my tiles at Home Depot the idea of stenciling a pattern on with spray paint hit me. Brilliant! I had a whole new DIY, and a whole new look to shoot for! 

After our Home Depot stop, husband and I went to Michael's to find a stencil, a roll of cork, and spray paint. I found everything I needed there, and with two 40% off coupons, I considered my purchases a win.

The How To >>

  • What You'll Need
    • Square tiles (I found mine at Home Depot and picked the aqua colored glass option)
    • Spray paint (I went with antique gold)
    • Spray paint primer (important for making sure your spray paint adheres well)
    • Stencil of your choice
    • Roll of cork 
    • Glue gun
    • Scissors 
    • Scrap cardboard
    • Packing tape

You'll start out by measuring out square sections of your cork. The cork is to protect the surfaces you'll sit the coasters on. It also acts as a grip so the coaster won't move. 

I made squares that were three and a quarter inches by three and a quarter inches. The reason for this size is so that the cork is smaller than the glass tile, not exposing it around the edges of the tile.

Cut out as many squares of cork for the number of tiles you have. Because you won't see the cork, it doesn't have to be perfect!

Next, run your glue gun around the edges of the cut-out cork, moving quickly so the glue won't dry. 

Then stick the cork to the tile, placing it in the middle. Press firmly. The cork should adhere immediately so be sure to place it where you want it the first time.

Using scrap cardboard, make a jig for your tile. Use packing tape to keep it together. Be sure not to put cardboard on the back of the jig where the tile is. You want it to be able to pop out.

Next put your stencil over your jig, with the tile in it. Place the stencil exactly where you want, which will put the desired pattern on your tile. Then tape it to your cardboard jig. This will help you to spray paint the tile, without the stencil or tile moving. It worked like magic for us! And the tile will pop right out of the back of the jig. 

Take your cardboard/stencil jig and a tile at a time outside. Lay down more cardboard underneath. Then take the primer spray paint, and make swipes horizontally across the tile. Husband did this part for me, because he's much better at spray painting than I am. After you have completely covered the tile with the primer, let it sit for 15 minutes to dry. 

After the 15 minutes have passed, go back over the tile with the spray paint you've chosen. Again, spray horizontally across the tile, until it is thoroughly covered. Let it sit for another 20 minutes to dry.

Once it has dried, gently pop it out of the jig, and set it aside to dry some more. Repeat the spray painting steps until all your tiles have been stenciled. 

We opted not to go over it with an acrylic glaze because we didn't want it to have a shiny appearance or have waves in it. For now we'll leave them as is and see if we have any issues. So far so good! But, if I find that we need to seal the tile then I'll update this post! 

And just like that you have brand new, one-of-a-kind coasters, making the perfect accessory to any drink. I'm smitten with these! And they complement the look we have going in our family room. In all, this project probably cost us around $20. We went for more expensive glass tile at a few cents over $2 each, and we had to buy all of the items (spray paint, stencil, and cork) for making them. If we were to make more, we'd just have to buy the tile. 

If you're in the market for coasters, I highly recommend trying this way out! Stenciling leaves such beautiful detail!

Do you have other ways for making coasters! Do share, I love hearing new ideas! Happy Tuesday, friends!!