The Pick: Week 4 + Friday Favorites

January 30, 2015

TGIF! Yes, it's Friday and it's fantastic! This week has flown by, and I'm overly excited for the weekend! It's going to be a laid back Saturday and Sunday, with a little cleaning, football, and tailgate foods (yum). Because let's be honest, I'm excited for the Super Bowl for the food and the commercials. 

Now time for my favorites from the week, plus The Pick (keep scrolling to see what I'm talking about)! 

[one] Bright accessories for dull winter days. Because winter shouldn't stop you from being fabulous!

[two] Fresh flowers that smell like spring. Now if only I knew how to keep them alive. Tips anyone?? Help a girl out!

[three] Ice-draped trees. It's magical when ice covers Mother Nature. Saturday we woke to an ice wonderland, which ended up melting shortly later. But, it was lovely while it lasted.

[four] Fresh squeezed orange juice is nothing short of incredible. There's nothing like it. And husband was sweet enough to make my wish come true for a glass of fresh OJ this weekend. **Note, fresh OJ should always be enjoyed from charming glasses.

[five] Fruit tart and all its tastiness. This was my birthday cake this year, and it was scrumptious. Husband knows me well. Celebrating my golden birthday was the best.

[six] Pretty macaroons and squirrel cookies. But really, aren't they the cutest? 

[seven] I'm all about pattern when putting an outfit together. The more the better. And in this case I went for stripes and polka-dots. And no, I didn't wear my slippers to work.

[eight] Speaking of pattern, texture is everything too when it comes to clothes. I love finding new textures to combine simply because it makes getting dressed for the day more fun.

[nine] Late night outings to Target and dessert dates with husband. I can't think of a better way to spend a Thursday night. Don't you just love his smoldering look?

[ten] Homemade soup for these super cold days. I shared my vegetable soup recipe yesterday if you'd like to take a look.

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