Friday Favorites For The New Year

January 2, 2015

This week has been lovely. Husband and I have been home together working on projects, organizing our home, and getting some quality time with one another. Having a solid week together feels magical and I wish we got this type of time off once a month. Wouldn't that be incredible?? I'm so grateful for this time, and I'm relishing what remains of it. We've got a matinee date at the movie theater later this afternoon (such a treat!) and then we'll settle in for the night to welcome the first of 52 weekends in 2015. 

For now, some favorites of mine from the week...

[one] My favorite of favorites this week has been having my house back. As in decorations are down and the Hills are simple and clean in 2015. I thought I was going to truly miss all of my Christmas décor, but I'm happy as a clam tot have it all neatly tucked away for next year. Besides, this has been the first time I've gotten to adorn the console table husband and I built in normal, non holiday or seasonal fancies. I'm swooning. 

[two] My neck of the woods welcomed its first drive-thru Starbucks in the fall. For some reason, which blows my mind, I hadn't been through it until last Friday. It was glorious. What can I say, sometimes it's the little things.

[three] This has got to be my favorite wreath out of all the ones I have made. I love it so much that I'm dreading the day I have to take it down (okay, that's a tad dramatic, but still). When I put this one together I made sure to have a wreath that would be transitional from Christmas throughout the remainder of winter. I'm pleased with how it turned out, and it will most likely be on my door until the first official day of spring.

[four] I really wanted a Day Designer planner, but couldn't make myself pay the price. I was kind of sulky about it until I stumbled across this cute little diddy for a much less expensive cost, and decided that it would do the job for 2015.

[five] I can't get enough of my DIY dotted glasses. This was a last minute decision for NYE and I am obsessed with the way they turned out! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for an announcement about these pretties! 

[six] A new year and new adventures. But I'm most thrilled for a new chapter with this guy. He's my very favorite of all time, and he definitely makes life more joyful. I'm quite a lucky gal to call him husband.

[seven] So I've already spilled the beans about how much I love my DIY dotted glasses, but it's what inside the glass that is another favorite! Peach Bellinis! This is the first time I've ever had them, but boy are they good! If you're not much for cocktails, you should definitely make the mocktail version. You just can't go wrong with peaches.

[eight] I think it's safe to say that Taylor Swift's 1989 album will be a favorite long into 2015. We are obviously digging it. Besides T Swift's jams, these people are also our favorites, and we had such a relaxing and fun time ringing in the new year with them.

And there you have it, my favorites from the week! I hope your first weekend in the new year is all kinds of fabulous friends!! And just because, thank you so much for following along with me on the blog! xoxo

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