Favorite Winter Finds || 2015

January 28, 2015

Sometimes I love nothing more than a good find! And I love it most, when I'm not looking and find something fabulous! Because winter can be so bleh (at least in Virginia), I thought I would share some of my bright and fun finds from the season so far. 

Where to begin...the notebooks from Rifle Paper Co. or the sunnies from LOFT?! I love both, and both serve me perfectly in their own way. The notebooks I am using for journaling and the sunnies, well that's obvious. I found the notebooks for a couple of dollars less at Barnes & Noble. And LOFT currently has everything at 40% without a code, so hurry!

Shoes. It's one thing that I'm really picky about. Who am I kidding, I'm picky particular about almost everything. So when I spotted these pretties, I pretty much knew they needed to be a part of my wardrobe. Old Navy did well with this pattern. I don't see them online yet, so head into your Old Navy to find a pair of these spring beauties.

Speaking of shoes, I am obsessed with Old Navy's slippers. Husband bought me a pair for Christmas and I was in love. They're not too heavy and not too hot. So I had to go back and snatch another pair, which I only paid $4 for! 

Nail polish is always fun. But sometimes I want a subtle color, and this OPI shade is perfection. It is great for the winter and will be perfect for the spring and summer. The color is Tickle My France-y

Another of my favorite finds is eyebrow gel. Now before you think I'm crazy, hear me out! My eyebrows are great in a lot of ways. They're my kind of thickness and I don't even have to pluck them. However, they have a mind of their own, and never stay put. I can use an eyebrow brush to tame them, only for my hair to barely touch them and make them crazy again. But, now they are magically in place all day long thanks to this eyebrow gel from Anastasia. You can't tell I have anything on my brows, there is no extra shine and no flaking. So if your brows do whatever they please, I highly recommend grabbing a tube of this magic gel and your brows will stay beautifully in place all day long!

I wear jewelry every single day. My favorite is stacking bangles, bracelets, and watches on my left wrist. So when I saw this leather wrap from Fossil I had to have it. Husband had it under the tree for me on Christmas. And I've worn it a bunch. The only downside I've found with it, is that it can come undone easily, so I have to keep an eye on it throughout the day. Knowing that though, I'd buy it again. And I'm eyeing another one of their leather wraps, that looks like it would go swimmingly with my other stackable jewelry. 

The earrings are the perfect pop of color to any outfit. You can typically find me wearing pearls or studs, but for these I am making an exception. They were too pretty to leave at LOFT, and I have loved wearing them.

This crossbody in brown has won my heart, or should I say husband has since it was his birthday gift to me. First, it's a crossbody. Second, it's big enough to carry my purse contents. Third, it's a beauty. Fossil has done it again!

Now I'm dying to hear what some of your great winter finds have been! Do tell!! And Happy Hump Day!!

And if you're looking for other ways to brighten up winter around your home, visit HERE!

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